Chamber News & Views: The Chamber Green Thumb Awards goes to… |

Chamber News & Views: The Chamber Green Thumb Awards goes to…

Ronni Hannaman
The Purple Avocado at 904 N. Curry St.
Ronni Hannaman |

The Chamber honors those businesses who understand attracting customers begins on the outside. Too many businesses allow weeds to infiltrate, giving the appearance of neglect. As our city takes on a new persona, it is important businesses showcase their property in a positive way.

Purple Avocado: This little hidden gem on 904 N. Curry St. is always meticulously tended with nary a weed in sight and the grass is freshly mown and watered. Flowers of the season are planted under the sign. The outside appearance makes one want to venture inside to see what treasures may be found.

Courtyard by Marriott and Casino Fandango: Always meticulously perfect, this green oasis on busy South Carson Street provides visual relief from the sign clutter and blacktop. Both businesses are under the jurisdiction of General Manager Court Cardinal who believes a first impression is important. Almost any day, you can see a gardener or two blowing off the sidewalks and making certain all is in pristine condition.