Comic book store open in Carson City |

Comic book store open in Carson City

Dave Frank
Appeal Staff Writer

A store filled with villains, lasers and claws can be like “Cheers” for the right people.

George Myers, manager of Juggernauts Comics and Collectibles, elaborated:

“It’s hard to find people to sit around and yak with. It’s like a computer programmer trying to talk business with someone who doesn’t really care.”

Besides selling comics, games, figures and graphic novels, the store will create a close but open community for anyone interested, Myers said.

Juggernauts is the only comic book store in the city. It is open and will have its grand opening July 1.

“I, myself, always hated going into comic shops and having someone talk down to me,” Myers said. “To me that’s ridiculous. Just like any other store, you should be able to come in here and ask any question you want.”

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Most comic book fans and gamers don’t like stores with employees who act like Comic Book Guy from “The Simpsons,” said Cameron Buchholz. So he’s excited the city has a store for average fans.

Buchholz even picked up a shipment of comics from Los Angeles for the store to help it get started.

“This stuff doesn’t rule my life,” he said, “but I like to look at a comic from time to time.”

Like Buchholz, Dave Villarreal said he’s happy the city has a store with a relaxed feel where “everyone’s cool and just hangs out.”

It’s also a place to meet other fans, Villarreal said. Before it opened, he played games or talked comics with friends but didn’t have the chance to meet new collectors.

People like comics for different reasons, Myers said, but he appreciates the ability to tell a story through clear dialogue and dynamic pictures.

“It’s an interesting kind of conglomeration of different things when you really think about it. It’s kind of the bastard child of film and literature.”

According to Dan Spence, comics also get people, especially children, interested in reading. He said the books can be a reward for good grades.

Before the store opened, using comic books to do this was difficult, Spence said, because he had to buy a subscription to a series if he wanted to look at a new comic.

“You can’t just say, ‘Hey, I think I’m going to start reading ‘Green Lantern.'”

Myers, an amateur comic book writer, said the movie versions of Batman, Spiderman and the X-Men have gotten people more interested in some older comics, but Juggernauts will also carry independent comics that aren’t about superheroes – comics like “Strangers in Paradise,” which profiles a lesbian couple.

Along with stocking more games and comics, the store also plans to build an area for gamers and start carrying anime movies for fans of the Japanese-style cartoon genre.

Myers said he hopes this will be one of the comic book stores that becomes a community.

“It seems to be kind of a venting thing for them. They can just come in and b.s. about comics for two or three hours and talk about their favorite characters or what they did or didn’t like about a movie that just came out.”

He said a place like that lets people really open up.

“It’s a nerd shop,” Buchholz said. “If you have a nerdly characteristic, it will be embraced here.”

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If you go

WHAT: Juggernauts Comics and Collectibles

WHEN: Open now. Grand opening July 1

WHERE: 2520 Empire Ranch Road on Highway 50, just east of SlotWorld

CALL: 841-4263