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Dual-use technology company hiring, will start production in December

Becky Bosshart

Carson City manufacturer Quoin International Inc. will begin producing its PowerQuick personal-lifting device in December, the company’s vice president said.

“We’re a small business,” vice president Cathy Jacobson said. “Right now, we have in our Carson facility about 20 people, including engineering and management. We’re getting ready to start production so we’re hiring all new production staff.”

Quoin is a tech-development and management company that specializes in dual-use technologies. That means the product is sold in both military and commercial markets. The powered ascender is a tactical climbing device developed for military special forces to climb a building “quickly, quietly and safely.”

Quoin will start hiring employees in November, but Jacobson said it is taking resumés now. She hopes to hire 20 people in the next four months and another 20 in the next 10 months.

Quoin will hire quality control and manufacturing staff, assembly and test technicians and senior operations managers. She hopes the ascender will be on the commercial market by January, and that it can be used commercially on oil rigs or for search and rescue. The military version is still a year away from distribution.

“We’re going to be growing very quickly,” she said. “We got major orders for this product, and we haven’t even started making it yet.”

Quoin moved from Ridgecrest, Calif., to Carson City in April, but it still does some manufacturing in Ridgecrest. It is housed in a 8,000-square-foot office near the airport, but Jacobson said she hopes to build a plant in the region.

“We have sales right now going out the door with major customers,” she said.

Quoin, pronounced like ‘coin,’ is an engineering term for the cornerstone that holds a structure together.


Quoin International Inc.

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