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If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!

Ronni Hannaman
They didn’t make it. The businesses before them didn’t make it. Will a new business make it in this location? Give them a chance.
Ronni Hannaman |

Carson City is a tough city for new business success. We’re tough critics and if we don’t like something the first time, we won’t go back for a second try.

Many businesses have come here because the stats show the population could/should support the type of business, only to find that they came, but the community did not embrace them. We’ve cut many a ribbon only to find the business to depart within two years — sometimes less.

Even well-known national chains struggle to make it here. We seem to be a fickle lot. Because we do not have a robust tourism economy, there is no infill of new customers, thus local businesses are almost fully dependent upon locals.

On the near horizon is the opening of three new restaurants downtown with more to come should the stars be aligned. Will they make it through the first year? We sure hope so, for the more eating and drinking places we have, the better it is for us all to be able to enjoy a vibrant lifestyle.

Social Media — love it or hate it — can make or break a business … almost overnight! The Facebook author who tells you his/her every thought, shares almost every moment via photos, and rants and raves about this or that could be an enemy or friend. And, their friends could be an enemy or friend. That adage about telling 3,000 about a negative experience now trends towards double/triple that.

How is it one coffee drive-through attracts dozens of cars continuously all day long where at another your rarely see a car? Brand loyalty grows as friends of friends post to more friends.

Businesses dependent on walk-in customers need to realize, now more than ever, customer service and consistency are key. One negative experience and we — of little patience — cross that business off our list and let the world know!

As new businesses come into our community — and they are coming — let’s make it a point to patronize and welcome them. And, more importantly, if you find something to criticize, tell the business first — do hold that Facebook post — unless, of course, it is positive! What a business doesn’t know can shut their doors.