Investing with William Creekbaum: 74 reasons people didn’t invest in stock market |

Investing with William Creekbaum: 74 reasons people didn’t invest in stock market

William Creekbaum
For the Nevada Appeal

Atalanta Sosnoff; ASC Company Research, an independent investment advisor, recently put together a historical summary of headline news that may have prevented some people from investing in the stock market.


1935-Spanish Civil War

1936-Economy Still Struggling


1938-War Cloud Gathers

1939-War in Europe

1940-France Falls

1941-Pearl Harbor

1942-Wartime Price Controls

1943-Industry Mobilizes

1944-Consumer Goods Shortage

1945-Post- War Recession Predicted

1946-Dow Tops 20-Market Too High

1947-Cold War Begins

1948-Berlin Blockade

1949-Russian Explodes A-Bomb

1950-Korean War

1951-Excess Profits Tax

1952-U.S. Seizes Steel Mill

1953-Russia Explodes A-Bomb

1954-Dow Tops 300-Market Too High

1955-Eisenhower Illness

1956-Suez Crisis

1957-Russia Launches Sputnik


1959-Castro Seizes Power in Cuba

1960-Russian Downs U-2 Plane

1961-Berlin Wall Erected

1962-Cuban Missile Crisis

1963-Kennedy Assassinated

1964-Gulf of Tonkin

1965-Civil Rights Marches

1966-Vietnam War Escalates

1967-Newark Race Riots

1968-USS Pueblo Seized

1969-Money Tightens-Markets fall

1970-Cambodia Invaded- Vietnam War Spreads

1971-Wage Price Freeze

1972-Largest U.S. Trade Deficit Ever

1973-Energy Crisis

1974-Steepest Market Drop in Four Decades

1975-Couded Economic Prospects

1976-Economy Recovers Slowly

1977-Market Slumps

1978-Interest Rates Rise

1979-Oil Prices Skyrocket

1980-Interest Rates at All-Time High

1981-Steep Recession Begins

1982-Worst Recession in 40 years

1983-Market Hits New Highs

1984-Record Federal Deficits

1985-Economic Growth Slows

1986-Dow Nears 2,000

1987-Record-Setting Market Declines

1988-Election Year

1989-October “Mini Crisis”

1990-Persion Gulf Crisis

1991-Communism Tumbles with the Berlin Wall

1992-Global Recession

1993-Health Care Reform

1994-Fed Raises Interest Rates Six Times

1995-Dow Tops 5,000

1996-Dow Tops 6,400

1997-Hong Kong Reverts to China

1998-Asian Flu

1999-Y2K Scare

2000-Tech Bubble Burst

2001-9/11 Terrorists Attacks


2003-War in Iraq

2004-Rising Interest Rates

2005-Hurricane Katrina

2006-Real Estate Peaks

2007-Liquidity Crisis & Subprime Lending

However, there is one good reason why you should have ignored the news: A $10,000 investment in the stock market (Standard & Poor’s 500 index) in January of 1934 would have been worth over $21 million before fees at the end of 2007.

• William Creekbaum, MBA, CFP, a Washoe Valley resident, is senior investment management consultant of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. He can be reached at or 689-8704.