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Jim Valentine: Time for grateful thanks

Jim Valentine

It is Thanksgiving time again, the time to put thanks in the foreground of our consciousness. Northern Nevadans have much to be thankful for every day. The scenic splendor of our environs is worthy of daily gratitude as is the pleasantness of our fellow Nevadans, acquaintances or strangers, and the many social and economic opportunities available for those that want them are but a few. The four-season climate allows for a diverse assortment of past times as the seasons come and go.

We can also be thankful in Northern Nevada for having governmental bodies that generally care about us, not their own political fortune or corruptive gain. They are well intended to improve our communities, our lives and to maintain it for the betterment of our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.

Thankfully, the youth of our communities are respectful and practice good social values. There are so many that “get it” for which I am hopeful that their behavior will have a positive impact on their peers that don’t get it yet. We are all shaping a future that keeps Northern Nevada a wonderful place to live, raise our families, and to contribute to our society and to mankind. We can reach the world in a positive way from here while enjoying our daily life together.

Sometimes our best friends or family are taken for granted yet they are the ones that are always there and supportive. Take this time of year to recognize for yourself how thankful you are for their existence in, and contribution to, your life. You might consider letting them know how you feel. Surely they will be thankful that you did and no doubt have similar sentiments toward you.

As you take time to focus on thanks, don’t always look for the huge thank you experience. There are many components in your life that make it what it is.

As you take time to focus on thanks, don’t always look for the huge thank you experience. There are many components in your life that make it what it is. Your pets with their unconditional love for you … even the troublesome ones that love you despite their idiosyncrasies. Your freedoms both small and large, and the opportunities of choice that you have living in this great country of ours. The heritage and culture of your family that has been passed along to and through you, whatever it may be, is deserving of gratitude. Today’s phones that are so smart they can thank us themselves and connect us to anyone we want to be connected with by audio, video, text or email… one step closer to astral traveling. Amazing.

Northern Nevada thanks include the friendly smiles you see reflecting yours every day, having indoor plumbing as winter approaches, the commonality of affordable four-wheel drive vehicles to keep our families safe, the ability to wear a tux or jeans and feel welcome wherever you go, where individuals’ personal beliefs, rights and practices are tolerated and respected still, where snow turns green – from the skiers supporting our economy to the spring runoff that keeps our agricultural properties green and prosperous, courteous drivers and good Samaritans abound that will help you in a time of need when you are driving in our wide open spaces.

Our Advice: Be thankful for what you have and don’t dwell on what you don’t have. As long as you draw a breath of our fresh Northern Nevada air you have something to be thankful for. The positivity of thankfulness will serve you much better than the bitterness of envy, greed, jealousy or regret. You can’t control the past but you can be very thankful for the opportunity to go forward designing and enjoying your future. It will be what you make it. Make the best of it and remember to be gracious as you enjoy the fruits of your positive life.

Thank you Northern Nevadans for contributing to making this the special place to live that it is. I am so thankful that I live where I do, among all of you.

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