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Jim Valentine: What’s stopping you from moving?

Jim Valentine
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With the economy going strong and the real estate market in Northern Nevada as strong as it is, you can place your home on the market with confidence that it will sell. With that knowledge, you can now plan to make the move that you’ve been contemplating, so … what’s stopping you?

The first thing to determine is the reason why you want to move. Is the home too small for your family now? Too big? Have your hobby interests changed such that you need a change in your home environment to enjoy them better? Landscaping too much, or is there not enough space for a garden? House payment too much for your current situation? All of these are good reasons to consider selling so you can enjoy your home environment and circumstances for what they are, your castle.

Once you decide why to move, then line out the mechanics of the move. Have you accumulated 10 years (or more!) of Stuff that you don’t quite know what to do with? Many baby boomers have found themselves with a garage full of family Stuff from a variety of sources, i.e. children who move out, parents who passed away, etc. What are your plans for the Stuff? If you make room by removing some of the Stuff maybe you don’t need to move after all, or, conversely, if you lighten the load, you will then be able to move. Either way, consider a Stuff removal plan that suits you and your family’s emotional and housing wants and needs.

Moving details are where many folks lock up. Most people only want to move once so they want to know where they are moving to before they start the sales process knowing with confidence that their home will sell. You can accomplish this by working closely with your agent. The first method is to make an offer subject to the sale of your home. Be sure you know what the true value of your home is and don’t get too ambitious in the pricing when you actually decide to put it on the market. Creeping that extra $10,000 can delay or prevent your sale causing you to lose out on the home in which you want to enjoy your immediate future.

You can also offer your home for sale subject to you finding a home and having a delayed move after the close of your escrow. This can sometimes be easier to accomplish that a home contingency sale. Buyers want the right home and are willing to make concessions to get it in this dynamic market. If they aren’t pressed to move right away they would rather allow you time to remain in the home than to lose out on the house they chose to buy. You can have your money in hand and be closing on the new home while you finalize your move.

Sometimes pricing causes hesitation in selling. If you are moving within the same market, then it doesn’t matter when you sell; it is all relative. The home you are buying will be priced relative to the market just as the home you are selling. If you are going to a distant market, search the market dynamics of that market to determine if it is rising or dropping. That information can help you decide when to get your current home on the market and sold so as to make a wise purchase in your new market.

Our advice: Even if you aren’t sure it is time, you can call your agent to gain perspective and gather information that will help you determine when a good time for you with your specific circumstances, wants and needs would be given what we know today. Don’t wait until you must sell, plan ahead. Check in with your agent about how the market is going. Your agent will have good news for you today and would love to hear from you. Chat about your house, what you’ve done, how it’s working, what you want or need. A good agent will be there to tell you if you should sell or simply stay put and how you can be happy doing so.

Good agents aren’t all about selling and buying; they are there to help you with perspective so you can make a good decision and be confident in the decisions you make. When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs… Experience is Priceless! Jim Valentine, RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, 775-781-3704. dpwtigers@hotmail.com.