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Jim Valentine: When to object to change

Jim Valentine

When it comes to change in areas it is amazing how people react sometimes. They seem to forget that where they live was once a change for the area residents at that time. What gives them the right to close the gates now? We have seen this for years since the tax laws changed in 1987 and the flood gates were opened for the Exodus of California. They come here and are going to save us from ourselves. There is a time and a place for change and things must be taken as a whole in the overall context, not just for you and your interests.

We know that change is going to occur. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus opined, “The only constant is change itself,” oh so many years ago. Nothing has changed since then, except for change. It is inevitable that as time goes on things will change. Northern Nevada had a character in 1600 AD, another in 1864 AD, yet another in 1970 AD from which many changes occurred to bring us to where we are in 2019 AD. Understanding how time allows for change, it is inconceivable to think that change won’t be a part of our environment.

When changes are proposed for your neighborhood, how do you react? Are you automatically opposed to anything in your backyard, or are you understanding and receptive to what a property owner may be trying to do? When you moved in to your place were you aware of the potential uses of surrounding land? Large spaces of open land don’t always mean it is public lands. If it is private, and even if it is public, the use can change over time in many ways and for many reasons.

If you have a nice view from your home and the lot between you and the view becomes available to purchase, buy it if you want to protect your view. Don’t stand by and watch a stranger buy it and then harass/guilt them as to where and what they should built on their property. It is theirs to do what they want with unless there are building envelopes or other restrictions on the lot in question that they bought subject to.

If you find people trying to persuade you to join a cause against someone utilizing their real estate, converting it to a higher use, be sure to understand what the issues are. Often times folks campaign on emotional issues to ramp up opposition, but the facts aren’t always properly disseminated. Easy ways to get people excited to join a cause without doing their own due diligence is to tell them that there will be: noise, traffic, dirt, danger, or, heaven forbid, more people. The Northern Nevada populous has certainly faced these issues every decade since the 1850s when the area was intruded on by gold seekers and those who followed.

Once in a while changes are proposed that truly don’t fit the neighborhood mix. In such cases they usually need a variance for a matter or three and that is when you can and should object if it shouldn’t be realized for the good of the community. Community activism is an important part of the process and you should participate if the matter is worthy and not arbitrary or self-serving in nature.

Our Advice: Everyone has a bundle of rights with their real estate that must be respected. While it may be intruded on by governmental zoning and regulations, if a property meets those intrusion requirements why should they not enjoy the quiet enjoyment of their land as you do yours? Before you join the “anti bandwagon” on a cause be sure you understand it completely. Too much unsubstantiated objections to community expansion can lead to a development and entrepreneurial draught which can have long term negative financial impacts. The decision shouldn’t be all financial of course, but one should be acutely aware of the consequences of their actions, both short and long term, when they intrude on a person’s use of their land.

Objecting to change shouldn’t be just about you and yours, but consider the overall community before you act. If you determine that your help is warranted and needed with the objection then don’t hold back! When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs…

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