Marketing company has new digs |

Marketing company has new digs

Becky Bosshart

Creative inspiration comes more easily when you’re sitting in a mocha-colored office overlooking the Capitol Courtyard.

Jarrod and Season Lopiccolo were the first to move into 206 S. Carson St., a 130-year-old building which was recently renovated. They don’t even have a sign up yet. The move is a relief to the Lopiccolos. They worked out of their home before. In this new two-room office they’ll design Web sites and graphics for Carson City businesses.

A dry-erase board takes up a large section of the wall. The “working board” is their main method of organization. Written on the left side are their clients’ names, and the graph shows each project’s progress.

Annika Witte, a 22-year-old German exchange student, is their one local one employee. She sat in the corner of the office staring intently at her laptop. The office is still sparsely furnished.

The Lopiccolos appreciate lumbar-friendly office chairs and guests can sit on the “saddle chair.” Season Lopiccolo sat, or sometimes bounced, on her $35 ball chair, an exercise ball affixed to a plastic frame with a back support. She said this was a blessing during her pregnancy.

Their son, Harper is now 8-months old.

The couple came here from Las Vegas to raise a family. Jarrod Lopiccolo, 24, grew up in Carson City.

“Our main priority was to raise a family,” Season Lopiccolo said. “And Las Vegas wasn’t the place to do that.”

“It was so impersonal,” Jarrod Lopiccolo said. “Here I know all my neighbors.”

The couple met at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He studied architecture and marketing, she studied English and marketing. For years their goal was to open a marketing firm together, which they did on July 7, 2003, six days after they moved to Carson City.

Season Lopiccolo, 26, said business is booming. They started with 13 customers and now have 68. They said customers want to expand into Internet business, or e-commerce.

Noble Studios, christened so because the Lopiccolos wanted a name that invoked integrity and creativity, also specializes in company branding and presentation packets. These packets contain information on the company, products and executive profiles.

“We were really looking to have a relationship with our clients,” Season Lopiccolo said.

Two of their clients are Coldwell Banker Best Sellers and Audio Video Solutions.

They take about three to five weeks to construct a Web site. They charge $85 an hour and a Web site can often cost $1,500 and up.

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