Rebates for appliances still available |

Rebates for appliances still available


Despite predictions that the funds would be gone by Sunday, there is still more than $930,000 in rebates available to Nevadans who want to buy an energy efficient home appliance.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the program still had 39 percent of the $2.4 million in rebates made available on Saturday, according to the Nevada State Office of Energy.

“We thought it was going to go the first day,” said Sean Sever, a spokesman for the energy office. “The good part about it is everything went smoothly.”

The program, which is funded by federal stimulus dollars, gives people up to $200 in rebates if they purchase a new, Energy Star-designated refrigerator, freezer, washing machine or dishwasher in exchange for an older, less efficient model.

People can apply for the rebate at or by calling 1-877-273-6213.

The rebates for refrigerators are $200, freezers and washing machines $150 and dishwashers $100.