Reuniting over the Web and dress up your dog |

Reuniting over the Web and dress up your dog

Becky Bosshart

While searching cyberspace I found my long-lost love. Or at least someone with the same name. reports that it has more than 22 million members on its online “people finder.” And none of them are looking for me.

I don’t know if that’s a good thing. So, I don’t have any cyberspace stalkers. That’s a plus. But of those 22 million people, not a single one has typed in “Becky Bosshart.” I’ll get over that. markets itself as helping people find, reconnect and stay in touch with “old friends, lost loves, business colleagues and family members.” Web site members can conduct searches for other members, e-mail others, post and read messages and share photos.

I decided to try it out because I’m a reporter and that’s what I do. I will humiliate myself for the benefit of readers; I have no problem with that.

As soon as you register and pay the fee, $3 a month for one year or $2 a month for three years, you can see if anyone has ever searched for you. Like I said before, no one cares about me. “Becky Bosshart” is no friend to the 22 million members of

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But the real fun is typing in the name of someone you want to find. I felt a little sneaky doing this, like I’m prying into someone’s therapy journal.

So I type in: Rick Ryan. Age? 25 (I guess). State? How am I supposed to know? I haven’t seen this kid since I was 10. I left it blank.

Rick Ryan was the first crush I ever had. At least that I remember. I know his name, who could forget that great alliteration? And that’s all. He was popular, ignored me and always dated girls named Alison. The first Alison had freakish blond curls that looked perpetually wet and Alison 2 had a strong Texas accent and a paper-white face.

Of all 22 million members there are 34 “Rick Ryans.” Of those, three of them are 25 or near that age. One lives in Nevada. Imagine that! His profile didn’t tell me anything else about him. Really, I could’ve found this out by picking up the telephone book.

I’d like to say I e-mailed him and asked something like: “Did you attend Mather Elementary School, date two girls named Alison and completely ignore a red-haired girl named Becky?”

But I didn’t. I’ve changed a lot since elementary school. I’d rather just think he missed out.

For more information on this Web site visit Registration is free, but if you want any of the benefits you have to pay. Other Web sites, such as, also provide this service. Or your fingers can do the walking.

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