Suglia joins private law firm in Reno |

Suglia joins private law firm in Reno

Michael T. Suglia has joined the Reno office of White Meany & Wetherall, LLP as an associate. Prior to joining White Meany & Wetherall, Mr. Suglia was the Senior Deputy District Attorney for Carson City in the civil division.

Suglia now focuses his practice on serious personal injury, litigation and settlements.

His private sector experience includes sole practitioner of a Las Vegas firm, associate with the Las Vegas firm of Perry & Spann, and general counsel for the Whittlesea-Bell Transportation Group.

Notable cases include the successful defense of Don King Productions in the Mike Tyson “ear-bite” case. In Carson City Mr. Suglia provided advice and counsel to the Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, as well as assessor, sheriff, treasurer, mayor and city manager.

Suglia received his juris prudence doctorate from the University of Wyoming, College of Law.

He received his B.A. in archaeology from Arizona State University. He was employed as an archaeologist with the National Park Service and served in the United States Marine Corps.

Suglia is a member of the Nevada State Bar.

The offices of White Meany & Wetherall are at 3185 Lakeside Dr. Reno, and 8363 W. Sunset Road Ste. 340 at Central Point Las Vegas