The first thing I would buy if I were rich would be socks |

The first thing I would buy if I were rich would be socks

Dave Frank
Appeal Staff Writer

The first thing I’ll buy if I ever get rich is lots of the same kind of sock.

I have black or white-colored socks now, and they are all slightly different kinds.

I wouldn’t care if any of my socks matched if I was never in a situation where my pants rose above the tops of my shoes, but people do see them sometimes and make you feel like you should immediately change them if they do not match.

The socks I would buy if I were rich would be gray so they would be at least somewhat acceptable at all occasions.

I think I might consider just wearing sandals if I were rich, but I would eventually stop because if I had that much money I would probably be the boss of something and sandals don’t let you assert your dominance over people who make less money than you do.

The reason I hate different kinds of socks is because my sock organization is never finished. I always have one sock sitting on the floor or on a shelf waiting for its double to be discovered.

Another reason for hating having different kinds of socks is sock sorting. I don’t like doing this because it’s so boring you have to find something else to do during the time you do it.

Other boring things like shopping for groceries or taking a shower are not close to as bad as sock sorting because they are not boring enough to force you to watch whatever is on television, no matter how bad.

Sock sorting is so terrible that you realize it would be unbearable to have to think about doing it at the same time you did.

My new socks would also have a zipper so I could take them off while I stood up.

They wouldn’t be too thin or too thick, either, because I don’t want to own something worthless or that makes my feet sweat.

I would say I would like them to never tear if I believed like everyone else did that holes in socks are worse than holes in other pieces of casual clothing. No hole is worse than a sock hole, people feel.

Someone might point out a hole in your shirt, but people only tell their friends if you have a hole in your sock because they believe it is shameful.

Socks, however, have more right than any other piece of clothing to have a hole, because they are always being stepped on and are usually only seen by your family, who probably also have sock holes.

One thing I always do try to do is at least change my socks every day, which makes me wonder why people sometimes smell their socks before they decide to change them.

The cost of washing two socks is cheap. Just assume.


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