Windows 10 features to know about |

Windows 10 features to know about

Team DeBug

Although it was released over four years ago, many people are still reluctant to make the switch to Windows 10, but change doesn’t have to be scary. The many updated and new features of Windows 10 allow you to simplify and customize your user experience.

Start Menu

The new version of the start menu no longer relies on folders for navigation (though you can customize it with folders if you wish). Instead, it’s organized by favorite applications in tiles (which again, you can customize based on preferences). There is also a search bar you can use to sort through applications you haven’t favorited.

Pro-tip: If you’re looking for a simplified start menu like earlier versions of Windows, right-click the Windows icon.


Window 10’s digital assistant acts pretty similar to Siri or Google Assistant. If you are signed in to your Microsoft account, you can use her to set appointments or reminders, open apps, send emails, get scores for your favorite teams, monitor news or stocks, and so much more. You can also allow Cortana to activate from your lock screen, so you can make reminders or set appointments without logging in.

Pro-tip: If you don’t want to utilize the Cortana feature, you can change the digital assistant’s ability to hear you.

Screen Snapping

Though not a completely new feature, screen snapping allows you to view several applications on one screen. It’s a useful tool if you’re working on multiple documents or referring to a website for information (it’s also nice to use your favorite streaming app in one window while doing something else in another). New to Windows 10 is the ability to snap four windows to your screen. To use screen snapping, you drag open windows to the corners of your screen until it snaps to a quadrant or half of your screen.

Your Phone compatibility

This new application allows Android users to connect their desktop and phone seamlessly. Once enabled, users can text from their computer, see notifications, quickly transfer photos, and even mirror their phone screen to the computer screen. To use the Your Phone app, you’ll need to install the application on your phone as well.

Night Light

Recent studies have shown that blue light from screens can interfere with the body’s melatonin production and disrupt the sleep cycle by artificially shifting your circadian rhythm. Using the Windows 10 Night Light feature, you can set your screen to change the hue and restrict the blue light coming from your screen. Additionally, you can also set a timer that automatically adjusts your screen based on your preferences.

Notifications Center

Microsoft was one of the last ones to the party with this feature, but it is finally here. There is now a Notifications Center in the bottom right of your screen. The notification tray contains system notification and notifications from most of your apps. You can access your notifications by clicking on the notification icon or by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard and the letter A.

Pro-tip: The notifications tray also houses many settings that you can toggle on and off, just by clicking on their respective icons.

Microsoft Edge

Feel free to celebrate as Microsoft has discontinued the infamous Internet Explorer browser. The notoriously slow and difficult to use browser was replaced with Microsoft Edge, which allows users to utilize extensions, Cortana for searching, a text-only reading mode and an annotation tool.


This isn’t so much a feature about Windows 10, but it is something crucial you should know about Windows 7. Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 on Jan. 14, meaning any computer running the old operating system may be vulnerable to malware attacks, software not working correctly, and, if you are in the healthcare sector, your system will no longer be compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Pro-tip: Don’t wait until January to upgrade from Windows 7. We expect many users to wait until the last minute, which may leave you having to wait to upgrade.

If you’re still unsure about using Windows 10, please schedule an appointment with your trusted IT technicians. They’ll be able to walk you through new features of the operating system and should be able to assist you in setting up customizations.

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