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Wired in Carson City? Clearly.

Chad Lundquist/Nevada Appeal Neal VanCitters, general manager for Clearwire Wireless Broadband of Reno, demonstrates the use of the service above Western Nevada Community College on Monday. Today is the first day the service will be sold in Carson City.

Starting today, Carson City customers have another option for Internet service: Clearwire Wireless Broadband.

Clearwire’s coverage zone looks like an ink blot, extending east past Centennial Park, south to Edmonds and Clearview drives and then spills over to the northwest side.

Neal VanCitters, Reno-Sparks general manager, 45, said Clearwire places its transmitters on cell towers or existing structures because it is cost effective. So far, the company hasn’t built a single tower in Nevada.

The Clearwire modem weighs less than a pound and is about eight inches tall. Connected to a computer by an ethernet cable, a customer has access to the world. As long as you fall into a service area. If all five green lights are lit, your signal is perfect.

How do you get it?

Branching out from Reno, the national wireless high-speed Internet service provider is sold in four local retail locations: DeBug Computers, 729 S. Carson St.; Norwest Wireless, 1221 S. Carson St.; Novedades Dolce 1982 Highway 50 East and Best Buy on Topsy Lane.

VanCitters said a Carson City Clearwire store should open soon.

What wireless protocol are you using?

Clearwire is bringing the Reno-Sparks-Carson City area a wireless high-speed Internet solution that can move with the consumer. Clearwire uses a next-generation, non-line-of-sight technology that uses the latest digital data transmission protocol, featuring secure wireless data transmission.

The company sends its signal from transmitters to a specially developed receiver modem. The modem plugs into an electrical outlet or other power source and into a computer via an ethernet cable to provide high-speed access to the Internet. The modem is compatible with most PC and Macintosh computers and requires no additional software or hardware installations.

Does it use a different type of modem or wireless receiver than other companies?

Yes. Clearwire’s wireless technology is developed by its wholly owned subsidiary company, NextNet Wireless. NextNet is the industry’s most widely deployed provider of non-line-of-sight plug-and-play broadband wireless access systems. This technology connects its users to the Internet via licensed radio spectrum, eliminating the hassle of traditional cable or phone wiring.

How is your service different from others?

Clearwire offers a service that is easier to get and use than traditional broadband connections. It is simple to install. No CD-ROM needed, no need for a technician to come to your home. Simply take it out of the box, pug it in and begin surfing. It is portable, allowing customers to take their wireless high-speed service with them anywhere throughout the coverage area. As long as they have access to a power source, they can be online surfing at true broadband speeds.

Where else in Nevada and across the nation can a customer get coverage?

Clearwire offers service in 27 metro markets, covering more than 200 cities and towns in Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin in the United States, as well as Ireland, Belgium, Denmark and Mexico.

What are the receiving capabilities?

Clearwire offers two pricing plans, allowing customers to choose the price and speeds that are right for their needs. To celebrate its arrival in the Carson-Reno-Sparks market, Clearwire is offering either of its packages for $19.99 a month for the first three months.

ClearPremium allows customers to receive at up to 1.5 Mbps and send at up to 256K; includes five e-mail accounts and 10 MB of Web space for $36.99.

ClearValue allows customers to receive at up to 768K and send at up to 256K; and includes three e-mail accounts for $29.99.

Do customers have to carry any other equipment around with their laptops?

All Clearwire customers need is their Clearwire modem, which is about the size of a paperback book. The modem easily connects to their laptop and allows them to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the coverage area. For information visit clearwire.com, or any one of Clearwire’s retail partners.