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‘Buy Nevada’ marketing program kicks off

Becky Bosshart

The nonprofit Community Business Resource Center is looking for Nevada businesses to join the Buy Nevada program.

Executive Director Gary Lyon said he is looking for members for the 3-month-old program, and so far a lot of interest has developed.

Buy Nevada is a nonprofit, membership-supported program to address three challenges faced by Nevada businesses. The challenges are: sales leakage to surrounding states, expansion and access to business-support resources.

The resource center’s mission since 1996 has been to support rural business in the entire state of Nevada.

“There is a huge number of business manufacturers and retailers out there that a lot of people don’t know about,” Lyon said. “Retail leakage is one of the significant problems. Part of our objective is to best serve businesses by creating a program to help address the program of leakage and raise awareness in the community about what is available here.”

Lyon hopes to start Nevada’s Home Shopping Channel, a spring product exhibition in Reno, and an online business support system.

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Buy Nevada is open to any business with a state license. Annual dues range from $150 to $1,000, depending on the business’ annual revenue. Non-voting membership is also available to individuals and associations for $100 a year.

Joseph Tonino, vice president of the Sausage Factory in Carson City, said keeping business in town is good for everyone.

“We have a good reputation and a good following,” he said. “(The sausage) is made in Nevada and doesn’t come from out of state.”

The Sausage Factory has been at 2559 Sage St. since 1968.

To learn more about the Buy Nevada program, contact the Community Business Resource Center at 841-1420 or info@cbrc.org

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