Candidates debate sales tax revenue |

Candidates debate sales tax revenue

Robyn Moormeister

Mayoral challenger Marv Teixeira blames the incumbent for letting big retailers and their sales-tax revenue slip through his fingers and out of city limits, putting the city in what he calls a “pretty tough” position.

His comments were in sharp contrast to Mayor Ray Masayko, who said the city had a record year.

At a League of Women Voters political forum Wednesday night, Teixeira said the city had lost $20 million in general retail sales within the last year.

He was referring to merchandise sales, which did decrease by $20 million since last year. In total taxable sales, the city is up this year by nearly $49.8 million.

Teixeira attributes the $20 million decrease to large merchandisers such as Wal-Mart and Kmart leaving town.

He said were mayor, he would have worked with the retailers to keep them and their valuable revenue in Carson City.

But Masayko said the city is raking in more overall sales-tax revenue than it did in its record sales-tax-revenue year in 2002, and the city is in excellent economic condition.

The Nevada Department of Taxation reports Carson City’s sales tax revenue this year adds up to $20.5 million. In fiscal year 2001-2002, total sales-tax revenue for the city was $19.9 million.

“Carson City is in great shape,” Masayko said.

Teixeira begs to differ. He said a big boost in taxable sales this year came from amusement and recreational services, up $9.2 million since the 2002-2003 fiscal year, and eating and drinking places, up by $4 million from last year.

“Thank you, Casino Fandango,” he said. “But do you think we’re going to get another casino soon? That’s $9 million you won’t get next year.”

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