CAPS: Watson is the ugly duckling of Labs |

CAPS: Watson is the ugly duckling of Labs

Churchill Animal Protection Society
Pinky, a cute three-year-old Lab mix, is full of energy and loves to play. She enjoys water, treats and walks. Pinky would like a fun-loving home where she will be petted and cared for. Come out and take her for a walk; she will make you smile!

Watson here and I have great news! I’m an uncle to a beautiful Fox Red Labrador puppy. I actually didn’t know that there were Fox Red Labradors, but when I looked it up I found out that they are a variation of Yellow Labs.

That’s not all I found out, because I learned that Chocolate Labs were considered the “ugly ducklings” of their breed and weren’t recognized in the AKC (American Kennel Club) until 1932. Not to worry, because now we are one of the most in demand colors of all Labradors.

Our chocolate color is hard for breeders to predict, so we are special! In fact, if Lab populations existed in the wild, chocolate would be the rarest color. That’s because out of the nine E and B gene combinations only two produce a chocolate coat.

According to AKC records, Labrador Retrievers have been America’s number one most popular dog for the past 28 years. We have sweet dispositions, soulful eyes, and we are enthusiastic! When it comes to enthusiasm, we have an extra bundle of it! We are bouncy for at least four years.

Labradors are great for hunting, recovering, and rescuing. We are stable, reliable, easy to train, and we are also really cute. Many Labs are bred and trained as companions for the blind and physically disabled. We are also used in law enforcement as our keen sense of smell can root out illegal drugs. Of course many of us just become members of loving families.

I can hardly wait to play with my new Lab nephew. He’s only five-weeks old and sleeps non-stop, but I suspect that he’ll be waking up soon and bugging me to play with him.

Puppies are cute, but after awhile I wish they’d settle down and quit slobbering all over my beautiful chocolate brown coat. Well, my brown coat does have a little bit of white mixed in with it. I am getting older, but I’m no ugly duckling!


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