Carson City animal rescue operation set for this weekend |

Carson City animal rescue operation set for this weekend

Carson City Sheriff's Office

The Carson City Sheriff’s Search and Rescue and Uniformed Reserve Deputies will be teaming up with the Carson City Nevada Humane Society to conduct an animal capture and rescue operation beginning Friday, November 20 through Sunday, November 22, 2020. Citizens in the area are asked to contact the Sheriff’s non-emergency dispatch at (775) 887-COPS (2677) to report any sightings of the dogs which may assist with the capture and rescue operation.  

For nearly a year, concerned citizens have reported numerous sightings or interactions with four, possibly feral dogs roaming the area of south Carson. The dogs’ whereabouts suggests they are familiar with the Stewart Indian Colony area or could possibly be living there. The goal of this operation is to safely capture, provide medical treatment if needed, evaluate the disposition of each of the dogs, and hopefully rehabilitate the dogs. The operation’s team will be in contact with the Stewart Indian Colony authorities in order to locate the owner(s), if existing. 

Citizens are urged to not approach or attempt to capture the dogs, as they may run or become reactive. This is a public safety matter which must be addressed; operations will only be conducted during daylight hours. Based on the unique circumstances, the Nevada Humane Society will apply additional considerations because of the reported history of these dogs, however it is not the intent to harm or euthanize these dogs. 

“This operation will be a success if it results in these dogs being rehabilitated, rehomed, or properly cared for,” said Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong. “These dogs cannot roam freely any longer, temperatures are dropping and there’s potential for disease or malnutrition, we will make every effort to not harm these dogs and ensure the Carson City Nevada Humane Society has all the resources necessary to achieve a safe capture.”

Please do not approach these dogs, call (775) 887-COPS (2677) to report sightings.