Carson City avoids stricter COVID-19 measures |

Carson City avoids stricter COVID-19 measures

Carson City improved one of its three COVID-19 criteria this week and will not have to implement a stricter mitigation plan.

The criteria are used to monitor Nevada’s counties and determine if a county needs to do more to stop the spread of the coronavirus as part of the state’s Road to Recovery: Moving to a New Normal plan.

Last week, the Nevada Health Response Team identified eight counties, including Carson City, which were flagged for disease transmission risk because they failed on two or more of the three criteria. If a county’s data did not improve this week, the county would be required to trigger an action plan to mitigate the spread.

Carson City improved its test positivity, which the plan requires be below 7 percent. The city’s rate improved this week to 4.8 percent from 7.3 percent last week.

Another criteria is average number of tests per day per 100,000 people. Carson City’s reported data last week was 178.7 tests and this week it is 275.4 tests, both above the needed 150 tests.

The third criteria is case rate per 100,000 people. The data reported this week is 321.9 versus 330.7 last week, an improvement but still above the required 200 cases outlined in the state plan.

The city was required to develop a draft plan in case it needed to take action.

Nancy Paulson, city manager, said the city will be doing more outreach and education about stopping the spread of the virus, but will not put any further restrictions on the city’s businesses.