Carson City business owner provides act of kindness for friends in quarantine |

Carson City business owner provides act of kindness for friends in quarantine

By Jessica Garcia
Purple Avocado owner Stan Jones.

When Carson City resident Marge Dolan took a terrible tumble in her home Feb. 6 resulting in a broken neck, Purple Avocado owner Stan Jones would be there to offer a generous gesture to help her and her husband in a bind.

Husband and wife Joe and Marge Dolan, 80, were having new carpet installed in their living room when Marge, wearing rubber-toe slippers and carrying a set of dishes, fell over a thick pile of carpet onto her forehead. The doctor said it was fortunate the direct impact was not to her chin, but even so, she fractured her C1 and C2 vertebrae. As a result, she is wearing a neck brace at least for another two to three weeks.

“We’ve been confined to the house because of that,” Marge said Tuesday. “My husband has Parkinson’s and I’m the one who drives. We’ve been out of the house about seven times the last six weeks. They’ve had us staying at home for this coronavirus.”

To lend the Dolans an assist, Jones provided a friendly call Tuesday and provided breakfast from one of their most frequented local places, the Crackerbox, while the couple is in quarantine. Jones brought their favorite plates, the Split and the Frenchwich, which they divide amongst each other, sharing each other’s bacon, eggs and potatoes from the other’s entrees.

Marge said she didn’t need to be hospitalized but is hoping she is healing quickly.

“I am expecting three more weeks (in the collar) and it could be longer,” she said. “We’re just praying it’s healing like it needs to.”

She wanted to express her gratitude to Stan and Sue Jones for their kindness while she and her husband remain at home for now. The Joneses and the Dolans have had a close friendship dating back years since they served in the National Guard together. Stan Jones worked as a one-star general for about 41 years, retiring in 1995. Marge Dolan served as a staff sergeant for nine years and Joe Dolan was a warrant officer.

“He did a nice service for us,” Dolan said. “Stan is a great guy.”