Carson City casinos report 4th consecutive monthly increase in gaming win |

Carson City casinos report 4th consecutive monthly increase in gaming win

  • Area  November Win     Percentage Change
  • Statewide    $771.16 million    -17.75%
  • Carson Valley         $8.94 million         1.83%
  • South Shore            $17.14 million       23.75
  • North Shore           $1.83 million         3.97%
  • Washoe County     $66.7 million         -3.21%
  • Reno  $37.23 million       -6.21%
  • Clark County          $639.78 million    -20.54%
  • The Strip     $349.79 million    -32.46%

While major markets continue to struggle, particularly in the south, Carson City casinos reported their fourth consecutive monthly increase in gaming win in November.

The Carson Valley Area, which includes valley portions of Douglas County, won $8.94 million, a 1.8 percent, $161,000 increase over November of last year. The story was almost completely sports betting. The sports pools that won just $4,000 a year ago raked in $274,000 this November, a 7,345 percent increase. The driver was the percentage of bets casinos held — 22.7 percent this year compared to 2 percent a year ago.

Statewide win totaled $771.2 million. That is 17.75 percent less than the $937.5 million Nevada casinos won a year ago and according to Gaming Control Board Analyst Mike Lawton, 87 percent of the decrease is from the Las Vegas Strip.

The Strip was down 32.5 percent in November and is down a whopping 40.8 percent since casinos reopened in June.

Washoe County also suffered a decrease in November but only by 3.2 percent to $66.7 million. Lawton said Washoe like some other areas benefits significantly from being primarily a drive-in market that doesn’t rely as much on air traffic for customers.

As a result, Washoe is up in consecutive months and down just 3.6 percent since June.

South Shore casinos at Stateline, which also rely on drive-in customers, had a banner month, reporting $17.1 million in win, a 23.75 percent increase from a year ago. That is South Shore’s third consecutive monthly increase. Since casinos reopened for business in June, South Shore is down just 5.6 percent.

North Shore casinos reported $1.83 million in total win. That is a 3.97 percent increase. Crystal Bay casinos are down 12.5 percent since reopening in June.

One drive-in market continuing to struggle is Elko, which relies heavily on customers from neighboring Utah. While the City of Elko was down just 1.3 percent in November, Wendover along the Utah border was off 17.25 percent. Total win in Elko County was $23.69 million, down 12.4 percent.

Churchill County reported $1.86 million in total gaming win. At just 0.27 percent up from a year ago, that is essentially flat.

Percentage fee collections — the state’s primary gaming tax — totaled $49.8 million for the month. That is about $9.5 million less than a year ago. Year to date, collections are down 9.9 percent.