Carson City health department does a thorough job |

Carson City health department does a thorough job

Carolyn Tate and Maizie Harris Jesse
For the Nevada Appeal

Do you ever read the restaurant health reports in the newspapers? We always like seeing “100s,” (schools are especially good at this) which means everything is A-OK. High 90s aren’t bad, but when you get a 70-something, you know you’re in trouble. It’s usually a management problem … the manager better be on top of cleanliness, stale dating, repairs, etc. … If not, ZAP … the health department is on your case. We spoke with Theresa at the Health Department in Carson City to see what’s going on when these inspections are made.

First, each eating establishment is visited, unannounced, at least four times a year. The inspectors go over their criteria and rank accordingly. If a restaurant is deficient in any way, they are given 48 hours to correct it. Just because you don’t see the re-inspections listed in the newspaper, doesn’t mean the restaurant hasn’t come up to snuff right away. Fortunately, only one or two restaurants have had to be closed by the health department here in a couple of years or so … and, to do so, there has to be a rat and roach convention going on at the time. The inspectors are fastidious about their jobs, and we are lucky to have them. Here in America, safe food is one of the things we have come to expect (witness the uproar over the salmonella/peanut outbreak), along with safe water, air, etc. Carson City and Washoe counties also demand certified food handlers on staff at all times, so classes and tests are ongoing (in the staff’s language of origin).

We are grateful to Theresa and the staff of the Carson City Health Department, and congratulate them on their close attention to our health. Hoorah!

Has anyone noticed that the MAACO TV ad is backward (they’re all parked on the wrong side of the street)? Just wondering. Then Carolyn said, “Maybe it’s a one-way street.” Ratz. M thought she was onto something.

Congratulations to Mike Quintero for retiring from NDOT at age 49. Good grief … he’s still a baby! And Happy Birthdays to Ev Jesse, Ron Saunders, Rota Rosaschi and Monte Lee. BIG thank yous go to Ruth Biale for being Maizie’s newspaper fairy (she put them by the door and thought she got away with it); and to Fred Bunn for treating two cute young men and Maizie to lunch at the Villa Basque Deli. They didn’t expect it, but were very grateful, and wondered, “Where are you eating next week, Fred?”

Joe Spencer found this on his calendar … “Did you hear about the woman who poured margaritas in her birdbath? It was enough tequila mockingbird.” Ohhhh …

Good stuff coming up: Proscenium Players is presenting “Moonlight and Magnolias” beginning Friday, Feb. 13, at 7:30 p.m. at the Brewery Arts Center, 449 W. King St., Carson City. Karen Chandler is directing this true comedy about the three men who locked themselves in a room for five days in order to finish the script to “Gone With the Wind.” Jason Macy, Jody Paslov, Jim Godwin and Cate Cook, all wonderful PPI veterans, star in the play. And don’t forget the opening night party. Call 883-1976 for reservations and details. St. Teresa’s is holding it’s “Crab Claws for a Good Cause” (that would be the school), on Feb. 20 from 6-11 p.m. There will be crab (we hope), music, a silent auction, and lots of fun. Tickets are $40-50 apiece. Call 882-2079 for details. Yum. And, if you want to volunteer for Food for Thought, please call Rebecca Rund at 883-1011. It’s a great cause and they need more volunteers for one hour once a week.

The Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare Auxiliary is holding it’s luncheon Feb. 10 at the Nugget (call Joy at 882-3936), and their Valentine sale at the Hospital gift shop begins Feb. 11 (445-5142). Sweetie pie deals are awaiting you there. Also, don’t forget to call 887-0438 if you’re between 6-17 to audition for Carson City Idol. Solo acts only, and you must have an appointment to try out. Break a leg!

If you want to support Nevada’s museums, get thee to the Legislature at 9 a.m. THIS MORNING, Room 4100. Otherwise, they are looking at budget cuts of over 40 percent. They need your support.Thanks.

– Carolyn Tate and Maizie Harris Jesse are longtime Carson City residents. They can be reached by e-mail at