Carson City must submit coronavirus mitigation plan |

Carson City must submit coronavirus mitigation plan

Carson City must submit a plan to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus to the state by Wednesday.

Nancy Paulson, city manager, said the plan will not include any stricter guidelines for businesses.

The plan will be reviewed on Thursday at a public meeting of the  Nevada COVID-19 Task Force, which can accept or reject it.

Carson City continues to fail on two of the three criteria the state uses to monitor the spread of the virus and COVD-19, the disease it causes.

As of Nov. 8, the city’s cases per 1,000 residents over the last 30 days is 1,153, which exceeds the 200 threshold set by the state. The city’s positivity rate is 10.2 percent, above the 8 percent guideline. The city meets the state’s requirements for a third criteria, the average number of tests per day per 100,000. The city’s average is 386, exceeding the 100 tests set by the state.