Carson City official: Coronavirus vaccine for front-line workers possible in October |

Carson City official: Coronavirus vaccine for front-line workers possible in October

By Kurt Hildebrand
Health workers and National Guardsmen tested 170 residents at an event at East Fork Station 12 near the Carson-Douglas line on Thursday morning.
Kurt Hildebrand/Record-Courier

There’s a possibility a coronavirus vaccine will be available for first responders and critical medical personnel by the end of October.

Carson City Health and Human Services Director Jeanne Freeman said Friday that the vaccine will be available to first tier workers.

Freeman was speaking to the Douglas County Local Emergency Planning Committee in Minden.

She urged people eligible for the coronavirus vaccine get a flu shot in the first two weeks of October because they can’t be administered at the same time.

“We anticipate vaccines for the mass population arriving in mid-to late-spring 2021,” she said. “The feds are still looking at essential service workers, and we’re unsure what that looks like now.”

Carson City Health and Human Services serves as the public health agency for Douglas, Carson, Lyon and Storey.

She said the agency is working to prepare to do mass vaccinations of 30,000 people in two weeks.

“We’re doing all sorts of things to make sure we are ready for all of this,” she said. “We’re using grant money to collect and purchase a cache of personal protective equipment, so we have another source if there’s a surge. I’ve spent a lot of time every week looking for places to buy things.”

Douglas County schools reported three more cases of the coronavirus, making the total 12 since school started in August.

“No cases have been contracted at the schools in Douglas County,” she confirmed.

Douglas County Deputy Emergency Manager Dave Fogerson said that 45 percent of the 27 active cases as of Thursday night were people who went to work while ill.

“We don’t want you at work,” he said. “If you are sick, stay home.”

A total of 170 residents of the four counties were tested on Thursday morning at East Fork Station 12 in Sunridge.

As of Thursday night, the Quad County region had 1,272 total cases, with 110 active cases and 16 reported deaths.