Carson City School Board OKs proposal to meet teacher shortage |

Carson City School Board OKs proposal to meet teacher shortage

Nevada Appeal staff report

The Carson City School Board unanimously approved a proposal that would allow the district to fill teaching positions in areas that are considered a critical need with retired teachers ­— if they’re willing to come back.

There are shortages in special education, English and science, but particularly in special education where district personnel director Jose Delfin reported the district has 12 vacancies in that area for the 2017-2018 school year.

“I’m a little frightened over that to be honest,” said Delfin about the special ed vacancies. He said he can now hire one retired special ed teacher who’s willing to come back at Seeliger Elementary School as the result of the board’s action.

Another alternative for the district is an options program in which licensed teachers in another subject can go through a three-year program to become a special education teacher. The teacher is required to fill the special ed position for the three years in the district while going through the program.

Delfin added there are two English vacancies. He said when it comes to applications for the special ed, English and science positions, “the pool is pretty shallow.”

By starting now, Delfin said he’s hopeful the district will be able to rely less on having to hire long-term substitutes in the fall. Those who have previously worked as long-term substitutes can also go through a program to fill vacant teaching positions.