Carson City schools move to pass/fail system for semester |

Carson City schools move to pass/fail system for semester

By Jessica Garcia

The Carson City School District announced it will move to a pass/fail grading system for students for the second semester of the 2019-20 school year, according to a memo dated Thursday.

The decision for the transition was made with input from principals, instructional leads and other administrators at the district-level, the memo states.

Schools will remain closed at least through May 1 in accordance to Gov. Steve Sisolak’s directive due to COVID-19. The transition has forced sites to carry on with distance learning programs.

Grading via pass/fail allows students wishing to attend college to continue without taking traditional tests for which Carson City School District previously announced it would waive its testing requirements for the rest of the school year, including career and college ready assessments.

The lack of traditional testing due to a pandemic and the cause for the shift will be explained in students’ official documents colleges use, called “School Profiles,” the memo outlines.