Carson City Station 51 crew rescues dog from 10-foot hole |

Carson City Station 51 crew rescues dog from 10-foot hole

By Rick Hoover

Sierra the chocolate Lab is free to get into more mischief today thanks the firefighters of Carson City Fire Department’s Station 51 C shift.

At 10:20 p.m. Wednesday, the Station 51 crew responded to the Jeanell Drive area for a dog stuck in a hole.

The hole turned out to be 10 feet deep, apparently waiting for a new power pole to be placed inside it.

After considering options, including widening the hole, the crew decided the best method was to lower a firefighter into the hole, secure a strap around Sierra, lift out the firefighter then lift out Sierra.

Operator Jeff Friedlander went down the hole — head first due to the cramped nature of the rescue.

“It was a very unique situation,” Friedlander said with a laugh on Thursday.

Sierra was wedged in at the bottom of the hole but not injured, Friedlander said. Neither were any crew members injured during the rescue.

“She was in some distress,” said Friedlander. “I think she was getting tired, (she was) panting, thirsty.”

Friedlander estimated Sierra was in the hole one hour; the crew was on scene 45 minutes.

“It was definitely a team effort,” he said. “Everyone played a part.”

C shift hoped to swing by the house on Thursday afternoon to check in on Sierra.

“You’re proud everyday on this job,” Friedlander said. “But it was one of those days you’re extra proud to do this job.”