Carson City supervisors make election count official |

Carson City supervisors make election count official

By Anne Knowles

The Board of Supervisors canvassed the 2020 general election vote, making Carson City’s final tally official.

Voter turnout was 78.82 percent, down from 91.79 percent in the 2016 election, Aubrey Rowlatt, Clerk-Recorder told the board.

A total 29,781 ballots were cast, 16,082 by mail and 13,699 in person. One individual voted by mail and in person, but the vote was caught during reconciliation and their information turned over to the Secretary of State. One voter was deemed a fleeing voter, meaning the person was issued a ballot during in-person voting, but never cast it, which happens every election. A total of 36 ballots were rejected.

“Carson City should be very proud of its election workers,” said Rowlatt.

The biggest challenge, she said, was same-day voter registration. During early voting, 280 people registered and 250 more registered on election day. The process took 15 minutes for each and could only be done by certain staff.

“It’s a process we need to streamline,” she said.

The board was unanimous in its praise.

“Thank you. Great job,” said Supervisor John Barrette.