Carson City to help pay cost of outside heaters for businesses |

Carson City to help pay cost of outside heaters for businesses

Carson City

In response to the mandated social distancing, many businesses have established outdoor seating areas. With the approaching winter season, the Board of Supervisors recently authorized the city to use CARES Act money for portable outdoor heaters in order to reinforce the necessary protocols.

Businesses may be eligible for reimbursement for up to $1,000 for their purchase of outdoor portable heaters, excluding paid sales tax, through Dec. 30.

A standing portable propane heater may be used in an outdoor dining area if such use has been reviewed and approved by the Carson City Fire Department. An electric heater or any other type of heater which uses a fuel other than propane is prohibited in an outdoor dining area.

• Heaters must be listed for commercial use. Residential use heaters from the hardware store are not approved.

• Heaters must be located outdoors.

• Heaters shall not be used under tents.

• Heaters shall be a minimum of five (5) feet from buildings, as well as overhangs, awnings, and other similar combustible construction.

• Heaters shall not be within five (5) feet of an exit.

• Propane containers shall not exceed 20 pounds.

• Propane containers shall be secured at all times.

In order to get reimbursement businesses must visit Complete the online request form, if the form is approved by the Fire Prevention Division the following documents will be needed for reimbursement:

• Receipt or invoice from the business. The receipt or invoice should have the company name and address along with the cost on it.

• Proof of payment which can be a canceled check, bank or credit card statement.

• If the business is not a vendor with Carson City, they will need to fill out the W-9.

• Copy of the Carson City business license.

As a reminder, businesses currently holding a valid business license within Carson City are eligible to apply for personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitation supplies in order to facilitate compliance with public health measures. Visit to apply for supply assistance.

For questions relating to portable heater specifications contact Dave Ruben, Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal at (775) 283-7153.

For questions regarding the reimbursement call Mirjana Gavric, Grants Administrator at (775) 283-7069.