Carson City voting starts off smoothly Tuesday |

Carson City voting starts off smoothly Tuesday

By Jessica Garcia

The polls opened on time and without incident at 7 a.m. Election Day Tuesday at the Carson City Community Center at 851 E. William St.

The parking lots filled fast as voter lines began wrapping around the building to allow entry into the gym by 9 a.m. Those who wished to were able to vote in-person while others had the option to cast their ballots in a dropbox at the exit at the back of the gym building.

Polls will close at 7 p.m.

The presidential election is expected to produce out a bigger turnout this year while offering residents the option to mail in their options for the first time this cycle.

The Carson City Democrats and Carson City Republican Party had booths set up around the center’s parking lots with materials for volunteers or the party’s candidates to answer questions or how to register.

CC Democrats representatives Lisa Rea and Foxy Fisher said in the past two weeks, they’ve worked daily with Carson City Republican Party chairman Paul Strasser, and Fisher said their interactions have been “very positive.

“He and I have chatted every morning, and it’s been great,” Rea said. “We’ve had people drive by and give us various fingers, but we smile and tell them to have a great day.”

Rea said they had knocked on 1,344 doors prior to Tuesday with volunteers, and this election presented an opportunity to accomplish more with voters feeling safer because of the mail-in ballots.

Fisher, an immigrant from Colombia, said she has been politically active since 1995 and considers immigration an even more important issue than economic reform.

“I hate seeing people struggle to get in here (in the United States), and once they get in, they realize they’re going to live at the lowest tier, and that’s not right,” Fisher said. “Everybody should have the same access to success with education, with employment.”

Strasser said the morning also went well for the CCRP, with his booths seeing every demographic turn out to vote in support of the GOP, many of whom have been drawing their support away from the Democrats this year.

“That’s where everybody and their family is and (they’re saying), ‘There’s just no way we’re voting for the Democrats anymore,’ ” Strasser said. “We see people for 40 years never voted. Never, ever voted.”

He also said his group also has been eager to see local residents request Trump and Pence signs after they finished voting.

“It’s not usually just get in the car and go home,” he said. “They come over and engage with us. They want Trump stickers or Trump signs to take home with them. I mean, they’re more excited. It’s not done yet for us. We’re still continuing on our quest for the Trump/Pence ticket this time.”

Local Carson City School Board candidate Joy Trushenski also spent her morning manning one of the Republican Party’s booths, saying it was important to support the organization. Trushenski is running against incumbent Joe Cacioppo.

As of Oct. 30, 13,734 mail-in ballots have been received in Carson City and 10,809 in-person ballots have been cast. There had been 24,543 total voters with a count of 37,063 active voters.

As voters walked out of the exit, they carried their sample ballots or other materials with them, but most seemed relieved they were able to complete what they came to do.

Dennis Yeskie of Carson City said overall it was easy.

“The process was fine,” he said. “It moved pretty quickly. I voted pretty much the same way I always do. But it went pretty good.”

In Lyon County, the clerk/recorder’s office said they are “busy busy busy,” at all locations, but that things were going smoothly.