Advances have made managing diabetes easier than ever |

Advances have made managing diabetes easier than ever

Carson Tahoe Health
For the Nevada Appeal
You may want to invest in an insulin pump, which can be pre-programmed with individualized settings to deliver ongoing doses to more easily manage blood sugar levels.
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Love it or hate it, technology affects almost everything we do throughout our daily routine.

Whether we experience the benefits of using a tablet to browse the internet or use apps on a mobile device to navigate around a city, we are constantly enjoying the benefits of living in the digital age.

Not only does technology make our lives simpler, but it can also make our lives healthier.

Over the last few years, new advancements in technology have given providers and patients the ability to better manage one of America’s largest growing diseases — diabetes.

Syndi Skilling, RN, CDE, diabetes program planner at Carson Tahoe Health, says the new technology has been very effective in regards to how patients manage their diabetes.

Although there are countless gadgets available, Skilling highlights the three that have worked best for her patients:

1. Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices: This device allows people with diabetes to get real-time glucose readings without the hassle of pricking their finger for a blood sample. By tracking blood sugar levels throughout the day, individuals are able to see their glucose numbers anytime, allowing them to make adjustments to their daily choices such as diet and exercise.

2. Insulin Pumps: An insulin pump is a device worn on the body and is loaded with insulin every 2-3 days, helping diabetics achieve better control over the number of insulin shots needed every day. The pump is pre-programmed with individualized settings to deliver an ongoing dose of insulin over a 24-hour period, causing fewer blood sugar highs and lows.

3. Phone Apps: It can be overwhelming to think about tracking your individual health data: carb counting, glucose levels, insulin use, blood pressure, weight, fitness, etc. But in reality, phone apps can simplify all of that. With so many options in the marketplace, it’s important to focus on using an app that makes managing your diabetes easier instead of complicating it. In addition, Skilling recommends stress management apps that will guide a participant through deep breathing exercises and meditation techniques, which are helpful for those dealing with the day-to-day tasks of managing the disease.

These are just a few of the cutting-edge advances in technology changing the way we can manage diabetes.

While these are all great tools to help with the day-to-day care management, make sure to include your doctor in any new health regime.

This article was provided by Carson Tahoe Health. For information about Carson Tahoe Health’s diabetes education program, visit or call 775-445-8607.