Andersen Ranch project in Carson City reviewed |

Andersen Ranch project in Carson City reviewed

Anne Knowles |

Carson City sent feedback to the developers of a new project proposed for Andersen Ranch on the city’s west side.

The project underwent a conceptual map review, a preliminary process in which the city provides comment before an applicant submits a project for official approval. City staff met with the applicant June 18 and sent a letter outlining 53 comments from various departments to Sparks-based engineering firm, Christy Corp., on July 25.

The submitted plan proposed 204 houses on the 48.2-acre portion of the property between Mountain Street and Ormsby Boulevard, and included 7.58 acres of open space/common area and 9.64 acres of right of way.

Among the comments from the city, the Planning Department said 203 lots, not 204, are allowed, and all streets must have sidewalks and on-street parking on both sides.

A connection to Richmond Avenue must be added, according to Public Works. The submitted plan already included access via Bolera Drive and La Mirada Street to the north and Sunset Way and Lexington Avenue to the south.

“Mountain Street must be striped with bike lanes on each side, along the frontage of the project, with parking on the east side of the street, and ‘No Parking Bike Lane’ signs on the west side of the street,” reads the letter.

And a wetlands delineation report must be submitted with the tentative map application, the first step in getting the project approved.

Parks, Recreation and Open Space said a multi-use path at least 10-feet wide within the project but accessible to the public must be constructed and connected to the Mountain Street trailhead and dedicated to the city. A park will be designed incorporating the trailhead.

“A private Home Owner’s Association will be formed to provide maintenance for all the following areas in perpetuity: common area landscape and open space areas, buffer areas between the development and neighborhoods, common area path system, landscape medians, street corridors, recreation facilities/amenities in perpetuity,” reads the letter, and the HOA will pay for all maintenance.

The letter concludes by saying the comments “do not indicate a complete review” and “may not include all the requirements or conditions which may be placed on the project at the time of final review by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.”