Carson City Airport could add ‘Lake Tahoe’ to name |

Carson City Airport could add ‘Lake Tahoe’ to name

The Airport Authority is considering changing Carson City Airport’s name.

The authority met Wednesday and directed Ken Moen, airport manager, to research what it would mean to change the airport’s name to Carson City-Lake Tahoe Airport in an effort to take advantage of its proximity to the lake.

“It is the second-closest airport to the lake,” said Chair Michael Golden, after the Lake Tahoe Airport in South Lake Tahoe.

Golden and at least one other member were not sold on the idea.

“I’ve moved from being opposed to being somewhat ambivalent,” said Golden. “I’ve always been of the opinion that the airport is in Carson City and Carson City has its own identity.”

The authority asked Moen to look into the cost to businesses who use the airport’s name in marketing materials and to reach out to users of the airport.

The airport’s Federal Aviation Administration initials — CXP and KCXP for international identification — would not change if the airport was renamed.

“My only comment is there will be some cost. I know it won’t be a lot, but it’s a question we should answer,” said Bradley Harris, vice chair.

The authority approved an amendment to its lease with Verizon, which wants to move its cellular equipment to the top of a tower it is now located on. Moen said T-Mobile is interested in placing equipment in the spot being vacated by Verizon.

And the authority discussed changing its meeting time and decided to meet next month at 5:30 p.m., instead of the usual 6 p.m., as a first step.