Carson City community effort leads to Domino’s Pizza grant to fill potholes |

Carson City community effort leads to Domino’s Pizza grant to fill potholes

Mark Twain students watched the project as part of their lesson plan.

There are fewer potholes in Carson City thanks to a $5,000 grant from Domino’s Pizza.

Carson City Public Works filled potholes on Slide Mountain Drive, near Mark Twain Elementary school, on Tuesday while Mrs. Allen’s third grade class watched as part of their lesson plan for the day. Afterward, they lined up for pizza delivered by the local Domino’s on Highway 50 East.

“It’s wonderful for the kids to watch the process and be part of it,” said Supervisor Lori Bagwell. “It’s exciting to see a company want to do something so visible.”

The Mark Twain class watched as potholes were cleaned, prepped with pitch, filled with asphalt packed in by a driven roller, and then stenciled to read “Paving for Pizza.”

The work was part of Domino’s Paving for Pizza campaign, which provided $5,000 to one city in each of the 50 states based on nominations from local residents.

Roger Coffey, Domino’s district manager, said Carson City received more nominations than any other Nevada city.

“While the grant is highly appreciated and needed, it is the residents who nominated Carson City that deserve our fullest gratitude,” said Darren Schulz, director, Public Works. “Having our residents taking the initiative to do what they can to improve our streets speaks highly of our city. Every little bit counts in terms of street funding and Public Works is committed to stretching every dollar as far as possible.”

After working on Slide Mountain Drive, Public Works continued filling in potholes on Conestoga and Convair drives as part of the Domino’s grant.

After a wet winter, Public Works filled in at least 480 potholes throughout the city in February and March, said Rick Cooley, operations manager.