Carson City lawyer suspended 5 years by Supreme Court |

Carson City lawyer suspended 5 years by Supreme Court

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Nevada State Supreme Court building in Carson City.
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The Nevada Supreme Court has ordered lobbyist and Carson City lawyer Andrew List suspended from practicing law for five years and one day.

The order cited several violations including conflicts of interest and, “engaging in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”

The order filed Dec. 6 says that established facts show he violated the rules when a guardian hired him to terminate her wards’ mother’s parental rights. It states that he filed a parental rights termination petition, “representing to the court that he was the mother’s rather than the guardian’s attorney and that the mother had been served with the petition despite her being homeless.”

The order says he failed to respond to the guardian’s requests for information about her case for 18 months.

He also failed to respond to the State Bar’s requests for information after receiving grievances from the guardian, the oldest ward and the guardian’s mother.

List was previously suspended for 90 days in February.

Because of the length of the suspension, List will have to pass the bar exam before he can be reinstated.