Carson City Planning Commission sends RV park plan to supervisors |

Carson City Planning Commission sends RV park plan to supervisors

A rendering of the proposed Sierra Skies RV Resort, which will include 227 RV lots, a pool, tennis court, pickleball court, café, 9-hole putting golf course, and open space.

The Carson City Planning Commission on Wednesday voted to recommend an RV park with lots for sale on Old Hot Springs Road.

The proposed park had been before the commission earlier this year when the applicant sought a special use permit to offer 180-day stays for what was then a resort with lots for lease. At the time, there was concern from neighbors and some commissioners the park would become a permanent residence for its customers, and the commission’s vote to grant the permit was appealed to the Board of Supervisors by one of the neighbors. The board upheld the commission’s decision and strengthened a condition that required RVs and their owners to vacate the park after 180 days and not return for at least 30 days.

Now the developer, Sierra Skies RV Resort LLC, is seeking a tentative planned unit development, which must be approved by the supervisors.

The TPUD reduces the RV lots from 277 to 227 and the developer plans to sell them and allow owners to landscape and add a coach house, a structure up to 12×16 feet with a wet bar, restroom, washer and dryer or seating area.

The 180-day stay limit would still apply. The lots owners can lease the lots through the park’s management company, but they and any renter can’t stay longer than 180 days. The time limit is to be monitored by an owner’s association and by Carson City’s code enforcement if it receives complaints.

The commission discussed the impact on water, sewer, and traffic, and the vote was 6-1 with Commissioner Hope Tingle voting no because she said traffic and being located in the flight path of the Carson City Airport had not been fully addressed. The park is near the intersection of Old Hot Springs Road and Research Way, just west of the airport and close to several state offices.

The commission also allowed access to the park via Holly Way for trash collection and emergency services only at the request of the applicant.

Tammy Lubich, the neighbor who appealed the initial SUP, spoke during public comment and said she would continue to fight this decision as well.

Acting as the Growth Management Commission, the commission also voted to allow the park water usage above 15,000 gallons per day. The developer estimates average daily water usage will be 33,793 gallons per day. That passed on 6-1 with Tingle again casting the no vote.

The commission also granted a special use permit to establish a bar serving alcohol inside space at the Carson Mall. The applicant was the mall’s owner, the Carrington Company, because SUPs are attached to the property not the user, but the tenant installing the bar is Nevada Restaurant Services Inc., which operates Dotty’s casinos.