Sheriff reinstates traffic enforcement unit at WNC |

Sheriff reinstates traffic enforcement unit at WNC

Carson City Sheriff’s Office
A traffic unit is being reinstated at WNC.

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong announced on Friday the re-establishment of a full-time Traffic Enforcement Unit, assigned to the Western Nevada College campus.

Through a local agreement between the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), University Police Officers will provide additional coverage and support in Carson City. Funding is made possible through the support of the Board of Supervisors and the University Board of Regents.

During the economic crisis in 2010, the Sheriff’s Office Traffic Enforcement Unit was left unfunded as a result of city-wide budgets being drastically reduced. The Board of Supervisors were briefed during the Jan. 17 meeting on the growing need for traffic enforcement services.

The goal of the unit is a shared goal with partners at the Nevada Highway Patrol, which is “Zero Fatalities.” The sheriff’s immediate priority with the unit is the removal and enforcement of individuals driving without legal authority, such as drivers without a valid driver’s license, current registration and/or insurance coverage. The Traffic Enforcement Unit won’t only target speed violations but also distracted driving.

The UNR Police Officers are conducting operations side-by-side with sheriff’s deputies in an effort to extend safety coverage both on and off campus. While the officers are employees of UNR, a joint agreement was authorized by the Board of Supervisors for the two agencies to work cooperatively.

Furlong commends the cooperative efforts to ensure safety between both educational institutions and throughout the Carson City area. In addition, the program is a benefit to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer program. Whenever an emergency situation exists that endangers students of any age, officers familiar with the environments are ready to respond.