Carson City urged to help businesses fund sidewalk improvements |

Carson City urged to help businesses fund sidewalk improvements

The Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee is recommending a new program to help businesses rehab sidewalks and ramps.

“We’ve had money for the last few years for utilities and it’s gone untapped, and something that’s come up two, three times and more and more, is required sidewalk improvements,” Lee Plemel, director, Community Development, told RACC on Monday.

The improvements are needed when a business or property owner do work on a building, which triggers required ADA-compliance updates.

“They’re improving the building, getting a new use and it’s an unanticipated cost,” said Plemel.

The proposed program is similar to the facade improvement program. RACC is recommending Carson City provide matching funds for projects to either extend water or sewer lines from the right of way to the building or to make needed sidewalk or wheelchair ramp improvements.

The match would be up to $5,000 for sidewalk and ramp improvements and up to $20,000 for utility work. Eligible properties would be non-residential properties in redevelopment areas.

The recommendation now goes to the Redevelopment Authority for approval.

RACC also made its recommendations for $570,000 in undesignated funds for fiscal years 2020 and 2021.

Redevelopment has significantly more money to spend now due to the expiration of long-term incentives for car dealers, which came out of the redevelopment fund.

The committee recommended, among other projects, $260,000 for work on sidewalks, placing utilities underground, and on gas lamps on Telegraph Street in the 2020 budget and $1 million for the same work on Curry Street, between Musser and 5th streets, for the 2021 budget.