Carson City’s Bryan Building deli now apparently for building workers only |

Carson City’s Bryan Building deli now apparently for building workers only

People in the Bryan Building were aware that their little deli was being converted into a sort-of automat with no actual cashier or cook making and selling food. What a number of them weren’t aware of is that it now takes an employee badge to get through the locked door of the so-called “Java Lounge.” That means the numerous visitors to the building can’t get in unless an employee opens the door for them.

Kevin Horigan, manager of the Business Enterprise Program, said the store is now operating just like the little cafeteria in the Department of Transportation building and is open pretty much only to employees who work in the building.

“Those are the conversations I had with my operator and that’s the direction she wanted to go,” he said adding that it reduces costs significantly.

There are numerous meetings held in the Bryan Building that draw participants who don’t work there and don’t have an employee badge that will open the door. But Horigan said there is no problem if someone with a badge lets other people in to buy food and drinks from the credit-card operated machines inside.

Among those meetings are the monthly employee benefits board meetings and several regular meetings held by boards and commissions within the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

“If there are 12 people and one of them has got a badge, I want all 12 in there,” he said.

Horigan said so far reaction from those at Bryan has been positive but that, if it doesn’t work out, “we’ll swap it out.”

In addition, he said installation of the high-tech vending machines that will replace the Caucus deli in the Legislative Building has been delayed. Those machines were supposed to be installed and begin operating Aug. 1.

Horigan said he’s still waiting for the vendor to, “get back to me.”

“But if it goes much further, I’ve got a plan B,” he said.

Legislative Counsel Bureau Director Rick Combs said earlier that a number of people in the Legislative building aren’t too happy with the change that eliminated the staff at the deli. But he said they’ll all have to see how it works out.

In the meantime, employees in the Legislature, nearby executive offices and the Supreme Court are without a quick lunch deli on campus.

Asked how long until the situation is resolved, he said, “soon.”

The Business Enterprise Program operates under federal laws giving the blind first opportunity to operate food services in public buildings.