Carson City’s Sonoma Park to close in March |

Carson City’s Sonoma Park to close in March


Sonoma Park will be closed from March 9-27 for seasonal maintenance and repairs, while efforts to renovate the turf, address drainage issues and repair deficiencies related to the playground and amenities in the park are made.

During the closure, city staff will be performing turf rehabilitation throughout the park. Aerification, over seeding, and fertilizing will be conducted to help turf recover and rejuvenate from the heavy use of this park. Staff will also be performing an irrigation audit (evaluation) to address issues and resolve any inefficiencies of the current irrigation system.

Drainage improvements will be made to address issues around the drinking fountains and runoff from overflowing drains and ponding of water. The drinking fountain located in the playground area will be replaced along with repairs to the existing playground and area amenities. Additionally, new benches will be added, a picnic table will be replaced and concrete work will be completed.

During the maintenance and repair period, irrigation will be in use at all hours throughout the day while staff fully evaluates the irrigation system. For the safety of the staff and the public, the park must be closed for the duration of the work, as there will be equipment on site and exposed areas from digging and trenching.

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