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Goats found wandering along freeway in Carson City

The Nevada Humane Society in Carson City has some unusual guests.

A pair of goats were brought in Tuesday morning by the Nevada Highway Patrol after being found on the southbound side of I-580 just south of the Fairview Drive exit.

“They’re a couple of months old, a male and a female and probably pygmy goats,” said Lisa Russell, Carson City shelter manager. “We think they must have slipped out of someone’s yard, they don’t appear to have fallen off a truck. They’re not injured.”

The shelter hopes the goats’ owner calls or stops by with some kind of proof of ownership to retrieve the pair.

The goats will be held for at least five days, said Russell, and then made available for adoption if no one claims them.

“Ultimately, we want to find their owner. They’re well taken care of, well fed,” said Russell. “But we’ll open them up for adoption to someone experienced with goats.”

The shelter had already received several calls from people interested in adopting them after posting about the goats on Facebook and a lost animal web site.