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Jim Valentine: What’s different when you move to Nevada?

Jim Valentine

There are many people finding their way to live in Nevada these days for a variety of reasons. Most are leaving behind a high-taxing, over-regulating, over-restrictive environment where they feel their peace of mind is being compromised. With that mindset they look to Nevada where living is relatively easy. Things are practical and predictable … well … outside of the casinos that is. Let’s look at some of the quirks of living in Nevada.

People are nice. When you walk down the street they say “hello” just because you are a living, breathing human being. No judgment, no protective eye shifting, the simple recognition of your existence. Similarly, when you come to a four-way stop you will find politeness. Instead of jumping into the intersection many people will offer that you go first regardless of the timing protocols of first to arrive and stop, or car on the right prevails in the event of a tie.

Nevada’s laws still require people to fend for themselves and be aware. For instance, you can be landlocked in Nevada. If your property has no legal access then the reality is you can’t get there from here. Other states have laws that require the servient property owner to grant an access easement that you must pay for, but that is not the case in Nevada.

Water use in Nevada can be similarly fraught with peril if you don’t know what you are doing. In other states you can take what you can get, drill a well, find water and you can use it. You can also take from a river or stream going through your property, riparian rights. Not so in Nevada. You must have the right to use it as granted by the state of Nevada or you must leave it alone. There are further restrictions requiring you to use certain water rights or they could be subject to forfeiture. Nevada water law is good “Western Water Law,” but if you don’t get up to speed on it you could find yourself unable to utilize your property as you intended.

Code enforcement in most communities isn’t from a overzealous bureaucrat with an oppressive mindset, rather they are complaint driven. Someone has to complain before action is taken on a code violation. This can get interesting when a neighborhood collectively looks the other way and all violate a code, i.e., parking trailers and RVs on the street, and a new neighbor moves in and wants things straightened out.

It is windy in Nevada, all over. Its just the nature of the beast. There are mountains in Nevada, all over. Nevada has the most mountain ranges of any state in the union. Nevada has earthquakes, all over. We are the third most active earthquake state in the union behind Alaska and California. Nevada came into the union on unequal footing resulting in it consisting of 87% public land. That limits the supply for private ownership (higher prices) and opens the door for phenomenal recreational opportunities. Know or learn how to tread on public lands. Nevada is open carry — you can wear a gun in public. This isn’t for any machismo impact it affords, rather for protection from wildlife or social deviants when you are out in Nevada’s great open spaces.

Our advice: Regardless of the generally laissez faire attitude among the populous and most Nevada governing bodies you must be diligent in understanding how you fit in. If you want to carry a gun (or not), be nice to people, and stand on your own two feet then you’ve found a great place to live. If you want to bear the quickest machete grabbing yours, pushing your way through life with a “me” focus, then you will find yourself lonely around here. Live and let live. Help one another but don’t intrude. True western living is alive and well in Nevada. Welcome and thanks for coming.

There is an old saying, “When in Rome do as the Romans do.” It applies here, don’t bring with you what you are leaving behind, when in Nevada, do as the Nevadans do.

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