Nevada Day Treasure Hunt Clue No. 5 |

Nevada Day Treasure Hunt Clue No. 5

The new medallion that will be hidden during the Nevada Day Treasure Hunt. The hunt starts Tuesday.

Today’s Clue No. 5

The southeast is a match

For both your destination

And Edington so don’t let

The impact crater your elation

Friday’s Clue No. 4

While there may be three

Generally they’re of no aid

Because they do not

Contain this year’s crusade

Thursday’s Clue No.3

Copious and researched

Join the hunt

For this dweller

And come out in front

Wednesday’s Clue No. 2

Originally vulnerable

The Feds on a mission

Now they’re defended

As perceptions transition

Tuesday’s Clue No. 1

Four distinct spaces

Within the division

Examine each one

Looking for your vision