Past Pages for April 27-30, 2019 |

Past Pages for April 27-30, 2019

Trent Dolan and Sue Ballew
Carson City looking north from the top of the Capitol building in 1871.
Courtesy Nevada State Museum


150 years ago

The Gold Hill News did not arrive here last evening, and we are without the means for making a summary of the late news in consequence. We understand the reason to be that Bro. Lynch didn’t get his paper to press until about 5 o’clock. We suppose the wire dispatches came in late.

130 years ago

Jack Furlong’s baby is the wonder of the second ward and is gaining about a pound a day.

100 years ago

Henry Matell, a visitor in Carson from the southern end of the valley, was badly hurt at the springs yesterday afternoon when he slipped and fell down the stone steps leading into the tubs at the springs. Matell was brought into town, placed in an apartment at the Arlington and a surgeon called in to give him aid.

70 years ago

A 1905 Maxwell roadster was registered with Motor Vehicle Commissioner John Koontz yesterday by an official of Harrah’s Club of Reno. “It is the oldest car we have any record of,” Koontz said, adding that “Jack Benny Rochester aren’t the only ones who have a Maxwell.” License plate 53-017 was issued to the ancient-vintage vehicle. What the Reno gambling house plans to do with the roadster could not be learned.

50 years ago

A spring storm left from two inches to almost two feet of fresh snow on parts of Western Nevada and the Sierra Nevada today, and the area is due for a cold snap tonight.

30 years ago

In commemoration of National Arbor Day and the state’s 125th anniversary, two trees will be planted at the Nevada Railroad Museum as part of a state-wide program initiated by Secretary of State Frankie Sue Del Pappa and the Nevada State Forestry Division.


150 Years Ago

Washoe Zephyr: Ye Washoe Zephyr has cavorted in and around our buildings and sings the wrongs of winter instead of the soft lullabies of April. Garden sass may suffer, travelers may growl, but small pox fevers and other pestilences — take wind and leave a health community. Let the wind blow!

140 Years Ago

Mining camp, Island Mountain: Mr. E. Penrod arrived at Island Mountain and is prosecuting work with the hydraulic. The supply of water is so short it can only be kept going about half the time.

North Carson Mine: There were numerous visitors at the North Carson mine, from Virginia (City) and elsewhere. What it all means is yet shrouded in mystery.

130 Years Ago

All sorts: Bob Christy has a live rattlesnake in a bottle at his boot-black stand.

Look out for your old iron. The boys are beginning to nip it to raise money for the circus.

Tim Dempsey has just received some fan-tail gold-fish from San Francisco. They have double tails at right angles with each other.

Justice Hawthorn was chasing a swarm of his stray bees all over the Capitol square. He had to herd them about an hour before he corralled them. Each bee had his “H” brand on it and was easily identified.

110 Years Ago

Leisure Hour: A musical program will be given by Miss Anna M. Schulz with selections from the opera “Faust.” The following musical number will be rendered: “All Hail, Brightest of Days and Last”… The price of admission is 25 cents.

50 Years Ago

Photo caption: Sculpture unveiled — Carson City artist Harvey Wolfsen poses beside his 40-pound metal sculpture of the original seal of the State of Nevada following its unveiling at the Mint.

20 Years Ago

50th Birthday: Carson-Tahoe Hospital will celebrate its birthday by inviting the public for food, face painting and festivities at its park. The hospital opened in 1949 because local residents and Major Max C. Fleischmann joined together to raise $80,000. “More like a home than a hospital,” said Robert Clark, describing his admittance to the hospital as its first patient on May 1, 1949.


150 Years Ago

Skull and bones: An excavation at the Nevada Penitentiary reveals an old grave with the remains of weary emigrants, gone to rest. One body is that of a woman. The oldest inhabitant gives thought to old times and that one branch on the old emigrant road that passed over where the State Prison is located. This is one of the unfortunate deaths in 1851 while on the way to the El Dorado of the West.

140 Years Ago

Decoration Day: The Carson Post of the Grand Army of the Republic will decorate the graves of the Union dead on the 30th of May.

130 Years Ago

Mind reading: Oakwood, of mind-reading fame, will give a performance at the Carson Opera House. Spiritualists declare his slate-writing genuine. He guarantees to produce messages and life-size pictures of Carson persons, both living and in the “Spirit world.”

110 Years Ago

All sorts: Thurman Roberts (of Foreman-Roberts House) is at “Lucky Boy” helping in the boom at Goldfield. Around the Lucky Boy mine has grown up a town by that name. Tents and buildings are springing up every day. The Lucky Boy makes up the latest addition to the ranks of Nevada millionaires. (Goldfield News)

50 Years Ago

Ponderosa Ranch opens for summer: Bill Anderson, President of the Ponderosa Ranch, announced that the home of the “Bonanza” television series will be open for the summer. Ranch hands will commence construction of a new attraction and changes in the park for the 500,000 visitors each year.

20 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Ironwood Stadium Cinema — “Pushing Tin,” with John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton; “The Out of Towners” with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn; and “Analyze This” with Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006. Sue Ballew is the daughter of Dolan.