Past Pages for May 4-7, 2019 |

Past Pages for May 4-7, 2019

Sue Ballew
Carson City looking north from the top of the Capitol building in 1871.
Courtesy Nevada State Museum


150 Years Ago

White Pine Grizzly: Two miners who occupy a cabin graded into the side of the mountain at Bromide Flat, received a call from an unexpected source. A small donkey had been roaming at liberty through the pasture green of Pogonip Flat and chanced to come in contact with the cabin – and through the canvass roof it went, landing in the center of the “wickiup” with a crash. One of the affrighted miners, believing they were to be “gobbled up” by a grizzly bear, seized his revolver and put a hold square through one of the ears of the intruder. The donkey commenced to bray, and the unwelcome visitor granted indefinite leave of absence. Then all again was quiet again on Pogonip.

140 Years Ago

Wind moves house: A frame house forty feet long on Treadway’s ranch was moved a distance of three feet from its place by the strong winds which prevailed. Seymour Pixley was at work at the time and thought that it was a sure enough earthquake.

130 Years Ago

Ladies laundry machine: The first laundry drying machine ever for family use having a stationery tub has been invented. It is a patent washer with automatic adjustment, a high-pressure hard rubber wringer and folding clothes-rack, all combined in one patent.

110 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Bowers Mansion, re-opened May 1st. Hot Springs, Shady Groves, Fine Cuisine. Regular daily train service. Families and regular boarders. Picnic parties. Unexcelled trout fishing on a private preserve. Room and Board by day, week or month as low as $12 a week. Harry Woodhouse, Manager, Franktown, Nevada.

50 Years Ago

Reprieve for Roberts House: City councilman gave the Thurman Roberts House until Oct. 31 to get the 107-year-old building restored. “If all those who object to the house let us try, they will be surprised at what we can do,” said Mrs. Pat Moran, chairman of the Nevada Landmarks Society (now Carson City Historical Society). The Roberts property was willed to the city on condition that a park or other recreation facility be placed there.

20 Years Ago

Rubber ducks: The second annual Mills Park Rubber Ducky Race generated money to aid cancer victims in Northern Nevada. The contest is open to businesses and individuals who buy $5 tickets and sponsor a duck. The ducks come down the current of Mills Park Creek and the first to the finish line is the winner, according to Fred Nietz. The grand prize was $1,000.


150 years ago

The flag was raised on the Plaza as boys appeared on the street bearing flags and other emblems of victory. They paraded through the streets with a miniature railroad train. The youngsters were polite and thoughtful enough to give the Carson Appeal three cheers.

140 years ago

A future artiste: Miss Emma Friend, a Miss in her 14th summer, is a prodigy in musical attainments for one so young. She has been taking lessons for about six years, entirely in classical music. Her musical execution is full of expression and sentiment.

130 years ago

St. Peter’s annual meeting: The following gentlemen were duly elected to serve as Vestrymen for the ensuing year: H. M. Yerington, C. H. Belknap, G. M. Sabin, S. Southworth, J. H. Kinkead, James A. Kennedy and W. T. Hanford. The two latter were elected to serve as Senior and Junior Wardens respectively.

110 years ago

Comstock Golden Jubilee: The event will be celebrated this year with vim, vigor and enthusiasm as the date a half a century ago started the nation on the road to wealth. The names of over 100 citizens were selected to act as boosters and the Eagle Aeries of Carson, Reno, Sparks, Fallon and Yerington were added to the booster committee. The secretary was directed to issue invitations to the various organizations throughout the state to join with the Comstock to make this the greatest anniversary celebration ever held in the Battle Born State.

50 years ago

Photo caption: Service Club bowling champs: The Elks Club bowling team, first place winners in the service club bowling league were honored at the banquet at the Elks Lodge. Pictured are Dan Humphreys, Bob Rigler, Chuck Buchheister, Bill Van Patten, Chuck Leonard and “Hank” Clayton.

20 years ago

Advertisement: “The Western Nevada Musical Theater Company proudly presents, ‘What a glorious feeling… Singin’ in The Rain’ weekends May 7-16, Carson City Community Center, General $12, Students/Seniors $10, Youth 17 and under $8…”


150 years ago

Back from Chicago: Col. Abe Curry dropped in to the Appeal and was greeted with many a hearty welcome and handshake. He came through in seven days from Chicago and has promised a narrative of his adventures once the alkali is washed off, and he is rested from his long journey.

140 years ago

Magee’s free and easy: The once prosperous minstrel troupe gave another free and easy performance in the rear part of Magee’s saloon. The price of admission was nil, but visitors had to buy a ticket for a drink for 25 cents. The orchestra seats, made up of a few rough boards placed on candle boxes were occupied by three urchins about ten or twelve years old. The rear part of the room was filled by a score or more of free and easy gentlemen.

130 years ago

All sorts: Still snowing in the mountains; flakes as large as a white blanket. Hank Martin reports 14 inches of snow at his camp in Lake Valley, and nearly three feet on the Summit of the Kingsbury Grade.

110 years ago

Famous engineer here: Philip Deidesheimer arrived from San Francisco. He is the man who invented the square set system of timbering mines that the work may be carried on indefinitely without destroying the strength nor uniformity of the timbering thus making extensive and deep mining possible.

50 years ago

Photo caption: Firehouse five…plus four—Gov. Paul Laxalt takes the wheel of an old fire truck to help publicize the observance of Fire Service Recognition Day. Pictured are State Fire Marshall Richard Bast, Asst. Fire Chief Harry Van Meter of Reno, Fire Chief Bill Farr of Sparks, Carson City Mayor James Robertson, and Carson City Fire Chief Les Groth, Fire Chiefs Joe Gillie of the Kingsbury Fire Protection District, Darwin Ellis of the Douglas County Fire Department and Jack Kessinger of the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District.

20 years ago

Truancy! A Carson City woman was arrested because her 10-year old daughter had nearly 50 absences from school in seven months. The mother became the first person arrested for failure of a parent of a child to prevent subsequent truancy after notice of prior truancy, a misdemeanor.