Past Pages for September 28 to October 1, 2019 |

Past Pages for September 28 to October 1, 2019

Sue Ballew and Trent Dolan
70 years ago: Bill Dolan of Carson City, senior journalism major at the University of Nevada, has been assigned to work as a part time reporter for the Nevada Appeal.


150 Years Ago

Laying of the first rail of the Carson and Virginia Railroad: The first rail of the Virginia and Carson Railway will be laid at 7 o’clock this morning. It will take place on that part of the grade, near the Mint, where the company’s first locomotive is standing. So be on hand early, all ye who would see this part of the performance.

140 Years Ago

The bicycle: We saw a gentleman propelling a rather formidable bicycle on Carson street, which bore him along at a sweeping pace till opposite the State house grounds, where a telegraph pole fell across the street. He was brought to a standstill carrying the machine across the obstacle…

130 Years Ago

Remarkable fecundity: Mrs. Hiram Snell of Idaho has given birth to sixtets [sic]—three boys and three girls. They weigh eight pounds altogether. All are quite hearty and promise to live.

100 Years Ago

Celebrated golden wedding: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Maute, old and respected pioneers of Nevada, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding. The Appeal desires to join in congratulations, as well as all of Nevada’s newspaper and printing fraternity, of which Mr. Maute was an honored and prominent member.

50 Years Ago

Photo caption: Lest we forget—There are a few attractive spots at Lone Mountain Cemetery, such as this one near the entrance, but much of the 45-acre site containing the remains of Civil War veterans, is rife with weeks. Cemetery Manager Jeff Springmeyer, is angry enough to want to do something about it, but he’s not sure anyone else is.

20 Years Ago

Classified ads: Help wanted—Book Cellar, Cashier, avid readers encouraged, apply at Silver City Mall.


150 years ago

Laying the first rail on the Carson and Virginia R.R.— We got up at a painfully early hour yesterday morning for the purpose of being on hand and witness the ceremony of laying the first rail and driving the first spike of the Carson and Virginia Railroad; but we were in for a disappointment; for Yerington and Ike James were in such a fearful hurry that they had got all through the ceremony when we got on the ground at 7 o’clock.

130 years ago

The Lyon County Fair. — The Lyon Youth Fair held at Wabuska last week presented a finer stock exhibit in the way of cattle than ever seen there, and there were also several new thoroughbred stallions all owned in the valley.

100 years ago

The committee having in charge the drive for funds for the Salvation Army started out on their mission yesterday afternoon and continued it during today. As a result of yesterday’s work about $200 was collected and banked this morning.

70 years ago

Bill Dolan of Carson City, senior journalism major at the University of Nevada, has been assigned to work as a part time reporter for the Nevada Appeal. Dolan’s course of study requires that he includes several hours of outside practical work on one of the state’s newspapers. He is attending school under the G.I. Bill.

50 years ago

Gov. Paul Laxalt, sitting in his Capitol office Sunday, declared the two major tasks of his administration “substantially finished” as he readied to tell the state of his political plans.

30 years ago

A tough factory safety measure and a law to protect consumers from unscrupulous telephone solicitors are among hundreds of new bills that go into effect today.


150 years ago

The steam house goes snorting over the track, up and down, past the Mint and out toward the sage brush, just as naturally as if he were here when the Washoes first camped in the valley. It looks a good deal like earnest to see the locomotive puffing along through the town. Must be now that the kingdom’s coming.

130 years ago

Empire is quite lively since the Brass Band has been practicing. It is enough to drive anyone to the hills. The band consists of twelve pieces. The skating rink will soon open in Empire. Dancing will stop for a while. There is talk of putting in sidewalks and paving the streets.

100 years ago

The Federal grand jury, called in this city last Monday, made its final report yesterday and was discharged. Indicted were: Dick Wah, man from China from Virginia City, having drugs in his possession. Charley Hoy, Tonopah, shipping liquor not the state in violation of federal law. G. Gagier, Imlay, violation of the migratory bird treaty. C.W. Charley, Reno, having opium in his possession. Frank Jones, Tonopah, mailing obscene matter. Ah Boo, Reno, selling yen she to Indians. Harry King, Reno, stealing coyote hides from the government.

70 years ago

‘Kit Carson,’ the weatherman, arrived at the Appeal office this morning by pogo stick and began looking around for his buckskin jacket. “Going down to Gardnerville for the football game tonight,” he explained. “and it might be slightly cool during the last half.” “Fair tonight, tomorrow and Sunday,” he predicted. “Carson over Douglas by 13,” he added.

50 years ago

Nevada Gov. Paul Laxalt says the situation at Lake Tahoe in regard to pollution and development control is “immeasurably better” than when he took office three years ago. Laxalt said that he was surprised the California-Nevada Water Compact is not yet law.

30 years ago

For many senior citizens and disabled persons who live alone, simple household accidents and illness can lead to tragedy because there is no one around to help them, according to Sheriff Paul McGrath. Because of a sizable donation from Claude Howard of Las Vegas, the Sheriff’s Department can now make telephone welfare checks on about 4,000 Carson City residents.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006. Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan.