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Teri Vance: City leaders on two wheels; local family needs help

Teri Vance
About two dozen riders took part in the annual Muscle Powered Celebrity Ride Invitational around downtown Carson City Thursday. Local leaders take part in the ride as a way to promote bicycling and advocate for its role in our community.
Cathleen Allison | Nevada Momentum

In the 20 years since its formation, the members of Muscle Powered have advocated for a community that makes walking and biking more accessible — and more popular.

Bike Month is always a good way to give people an opportunity to get on their bicycles and explore the city, whether biking to work or to run errands or just out on an adventure with friends.

And what better way to influence the culture of the community — and advocate for safer routes and protective laws and ordinances — than to invite local leaders on a bike ride of their own.

Muscle Powered’s Celebrity Invitational Bike Ride began 10 years ago and has continued every year, having taken place this year on Thursday.

In its inception, it looked a little different. A small group of Muscle Powered members met Mayor Bob Crowell at his home, and Jeff Potter pedaled the mayor to work on the back of his tandem bicycle.

A decade later, Crowell is still participating in the ride, but on a bicycle of his own.

“It shows the community an alternative way of getting around the city,” Crowell said. “It’s healthy and it’s fun.”

He was joined by many of the city’s leaders, including Ronni Hannaman, executive director of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce; City Manager Nancy Paulson; City Supervisor John Barrette; Jennifer Budge, Parks & Recreation director; and several more.

Richard Stokes, superintendent of the Carson City School District, rode his bike to McFadden Square, the gathering point for the ride, which meandered through the streets of the historic west side.

“Biking is a great activity,” he said. “What a great way to see the beauties of the place we live, and it’s nice to get the heartbeat up once in awhile.”

Carson City Fire Chief Sean Slamon said he rides to show his support for Muscle Powered.

“They do a tremendous amount for trail building and creating a bike-friendly community,” Slamon said. “It’s just a great event to support.”

This year’s event was organized by Juan Guzman, vice president of Muscle Powered.

“It’s all about awareness,” he told me for an earlier story. “What better way to advocate for cycling than to have city leaders setting the example.”

Before taking off, Muscle Powered member Jeff Potter, who led the ride, reminded participants of the most important rules.

“Be safe and have fun,” he said.

He asked the mayor to explain why the crowd had shown up.

“We like to get out and smell the rare earth,” Crowell said.

To see upcoming bike rides, hikes and walks, check out the calendar at musclepowered.org.


Many of you will likely remember longtime educators Brian and Lily Reedy, who both retired after receiving difficult medical diagnoses.

Brian was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and Lily with breast cancer. They’ve become tireless advocates.

However, Brian had a terrible accident last weekend while working in the backyard. He got his hand caught in a saw and had to have his thumb amputated.

This was on top of learning Lily’s cancer has returned.

He reluctantly reached out for help, as he’s no longer able to finish the projects he’s started since his injury and caring for Lily.

He’s looking for someone to finish the roof on a deck for a therapy pool, an electrician to install power for the pump and a plumber to connect the pool to solar panels.

They also need help planting about 20 plants in the garden.

If you can help, contact Brian at reedy_teach@yahoo.com.