VIPS for Vets program in Carson City receives donation from Rupert’s Auto Body |

VIPS for Vets program in Carson City receives donation from Rupert’s Auto Body

Carson City Sheriff’s Office

Rupert’s Auto Body donated a 2014 Chevrolet Cruze to the Sheriff’s Office VIPS for Vets program to support the growing need for transportation services for local veterans.

The VIPS for Vets program has grown tremendously over the past two years as it serves to accommodate day-to-day errands for homebound veterans. Carson City’s veterans will continue to have the reassurance in knowing they can rely on VIPS for Vets transport if needed. With the addition of the new reliable vehicle, this service can help more veterans travel greater distances.

“I want to thank everybody for what they did, especially my employees that pitched in, all the work that was done on this was done on their spare time,” said Ted Rupert, business owner of Rupert’s Auto Body. “Every single panel on this vehicle had scratches on it, it’s been vandalized, all the windows were busted out, all the tires were slashed. We did all the paint work and body work here at Rupert’s Auto Body. I want to thank Les Schwab for donating and replacing all the tires and Fast Glass for replacing all the windows. And everyone volunteered and donated parts without hesitation.”

“I’m glad that we can be a part of our community and give back, this donation helps us at Les Schwab give back and support our community, and we appreciate being able to do this, thank you,” said Royce Buckley, manager at Les Schwab.

“Homebound veterans are not getting the services they need, often because they require individualized transport, whether to a specific location or at a certain time,” said Sheriff Ken Furlong. “As a result of being homebound, people don’t know that our veterans are isolated. So far this year we serviced over 200 veterans, getting them to and from their needs. The challenge that we faced was getting reliable vehicles, vehicles that can transport someone over 100 miles to their appointment. I’ve tried the federal government and nothing, I’ve tried the state government and they had us purchase it. This donation is at the core of our community values and what our community is about, our community steps up to those challenges to ensure no veteran will be left behind in this town. I want to thank all of our volunteers Ken Smith, RSVP, and everyone at Rupert’s Auto Body, Fast Glass, and Les Schwab, who collaborated and freely gave their time to help our homebound veterans.”

VIP Program has proven to be a great success and continues to expand, offering many services to our community. Citizens age 18 or older with an interest in helping law enforcement and community service are encouraged to volunteer as VIP’s. The program is an important partnership between the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of our community.

For additional information, contact Ken Smith, volunteer coordinator at (775)887-2020, ext. 41932 or email him at