Carson High shooting threat a hoax, says Sheriff’s Office |

Carson High shooting threat a hoax, says Sheriff’s Office

Threats of a school shooting at Carson High School have been determined to be a hoax by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

At 8:30 p.m., Carson City Dispatch Center was informed of reports of a threatened shooting to take place at Carson High School Wednesday, Oct. 18. Detectives and School Resources Officers were immediately dispatched to assist patrol deputies in tracking down the threat.

It was determined that the threat was a relay of a Snapchat that originated in Pennsylvania and was not connected to Carson City or the high school. The relay was done by a concerned Carson High student who relayed the message via social media locally before informing his/her parents.

The source of the Snapchat was verified by Carson City Detectives with the help of Pennsylvania authorities and believe that there was never a threat to the school.

“Everything is safe,” said Sheriff Ken Furlong.

In coordination with the Carson City District Superintendent Richard Stokes, all Carson City schools will be open at normal hours Wednesday morning. As a precaution, the Sheriff’s Office will provide additional officers at the school for the day.